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When Jesus Passed By

Whenever Jesus passed by, people KNEW it. The blind were made to see, the lame walked and the deaf heard, when Jesus passed by.

One day Jesus came upon one that was sick. Jesus asked, "Do you want to be made whole?"  Some have said that was a dumb question. But WAS it?

I have worked as a psych nurse for over 24 years. I have seen many times where people have enjoyed "being sick" My own father was one of these people. Some of these people would have even told Jesus to "get away from me.. don't tocuh me!" They do not WANT to be healed. They enjoy being sick.

There are those in abusive relationships that enjoy being the "victim" Some would not solve the problem even if they could. This is why there are those the "provoke" their own abuse and will continue to do so. They know the "on and off" switch for their spouse. We have all done this to some degree, but some enjoy being the victim.

Whey do they enjoy being sick? to be the victim? Mostly they get attention by being the being sick. They have people express sympathy for them, to tell them how sorry they are for them...they get ATTENTION. Some are relieved of all responsibility, of all
accountability by being the victim.

I was told by a woman that runs a women's shelter that I was wrong to ask a victim to assess themselves for "their" part in a conflict, that it was "blaming" the victim. Does not this absolve the victim from responsibility, from accountability?

THIS club deals with abusive situations most often. So often we do hear statements like "he/she was verbally abusive or they "mentally" abused me" Does not this work TWO ways?  Have "we" not said mean things to our spouse? Why then is it abusive if "they" say them to "us" but is is not abusive when "we" say it to "them"

Are we not told in Psalms 139:23,24 to "search ME or Lord and know MY heart..." Why then do we pray search my husband... search my wife....?

Are we not told to love our enemies...even if they happen to be our spouse? to do good to them that despitefully use us? Was God kidding when HE said this?

What then do we do about this "victim" role?

First of all, we need to really pray the Psalmist prayer to search ME oh God and know MY heart, try ME and know MY thoughts and see if there be any wicked way in ME and lead ME in the way everlasting.

Then we need to pray the prayer for hurting people which I have reposted here. Open EVERY crack and crevice of our being to the light of Gods Holy Word....then take note when Jesus passes by and RUN to HIM...touch the hem of His garment...or better yet...HUG HIM,  Cling to HIM ...He is waiting .. waiting for YOU!

When Jesus passes by---will there be a difference in YOU? When YOU pass by, will people see a difference in you because of Jesus in you and therefore a difference in them because you passed by them?

DADDY, Please PLEASE help ME to be like YOU!


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