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Shattered Men was originally founded on Oct 31, 1999. We had 990 members and over 40,000 messages when it was hacked into and destroyed on April 1st 2007.  We reformed that same day only hours after this was done.  Much of the work done in Shattered Men is accomplished in this interactive group. If you have been or are being abused or if you care about those that need a group such as this. please join us by clicking below and then clicking "join now" in the top right corner.

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Abused MEN! The other side of the abuse issue. There is evidence there are more abused men then women now. All Even the church overlooks this problem. Come here and let us explore this together from a Biblical point of view. Although the focus here will be on men as men do not have places such as shelters to go to... we recognize that all abuse is very wrong and while we are focusing on the men we will not over look the hurting women who come here JESUS CARES AND WE DO TOO!

NOTE: Although we can understand there may be those who come here and are angry with the other gender, Please remember not ALL of that gender is responsible for the acts of some. NO gender bashing or derogatory remarks will be allowed toward others be they members here or not. Please respond to others, as you would like them to respond you


I am a Registered Nurse with 30 years experience in mental health.  I served three years in the United States Army as a medic and spent one of these years in South Korea.  

I accepted the Lord on Oct. 1, 1958 but as many who may read this, I had struggles throughout my life until I made Jesus my LORD in the fall of 1999.  You can read about the events that lead to this in ken's story.  As a result of these events, Shattered Men was started on Oct 31, 1999.  

I have attended Texas Bible College part time for several years and took Biblical Consoling courses while there.  I also taught "The Basics of the Christian Faith" at TBC.  

The former president of Texas Bible College (Dr. Stan Ponz) has stated that Shattered Men is a much needed ministry and that it is paving new ground for the Lord.

I am an  ordained pastor although I am not  a pastor of a local church. My ministry is the ministry of Shattered Men. I am thrilled to see the number of men and women who have been healed from the scars of abuse through this ministry.

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I'm a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician with 11 years experience (military experience included). I served 8+ years in the United States Army on Active Duty as a medic(91W20) . I've done one overseas tour in South Korea (Cp. Stanley) back in 1999-2000. My rank in the Army was, Sergeant. While I served my country, I also graduated from a junior college: Barton Co. Comm. College, with an Associates in
General Studies, and geared towards Science.

I humbly accepted the Lord in my life when I was 6 years old. Baptized when I was 11, and again at age 16. Just as the next person has had hardships in every day life, I not only understand though certainly relate to those who've experienced a hardship of separation from a spouse. Especially being in the military while trying to maintain a family. I've experienced such incidents as literally being stabbed in the back with a knife (or fork) by a former spouse, in which I was attempting to vacate our home, with my son, from an abusive environment. I've also dealt with false allegations, and parental alienation for almost 2 years. At 2 years of age, my son received verbal/physical abuse by his mom. I attempted to not only STOP but report this abuse to child protection, and local police (in that order). I was told by police that IF I were to report child abuse? I'd surely be arrested. Child protection told me they weren't going to pursue/investigate unless I had a police report (GE County Kansas).  

Throughout a year long court battle...With the help of our Lord, I'm a single parent of my now 8 year old son, whom is going into the 3rd grade next year. I was able to get back into my son's life when he was 4 years old.

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I am 71 and I have been in SM  3 or 4 yrs, as a child and a catholic I was raped by my father every day from age 4 through I finished HS.  I suffered a lot and my life as a young adult was so bad.  Belonging here I see each day men and women who are hurt and in so much pain, they come here for help, for someone to talk to, love and compassion.  

I am so privileged to have been asked to be a moderator, so I can share my life.  I don't like to think of it, but I see how my life has helped others.  This group is my family and I love them all

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Shattered Men is a Peer Support Group

One of our  leadership asked their pastor about speaking on abuse in their church. The pastor adamantly denied that any abuse was going on in this church.  A few weeks later, a man in this church approached this person and asked to speak to them.  He was in an abusive marriage for ten years.  They spoke for over four hours.  When this man left, he had hope. He expressed a much better outlook on things and he had planed on meeting again with several others who are in abusive relationships  so my question, is what happened in between the time he left and the time he was suppose to have taken his own life? It had
been going on for ten years so what happened that would have prompted this...or was this "suicide" something else?

The pastor  demanded to know what right our SM member had to console this person. As a result, our member called me and asked if they could have said something wrong to this person which could have caused this.

My answer was that saying nothing would have been wrong. At least this person knew that someone did believe him and that there were resources that he could go to. (he had been given my phone number)

As to the authority to "counsel" this person, first let me make it clear that as far as I know,
NO ONE in Shattered Men is a "certified" or "licensed" counselor, We do have some ordained pastors who do pastoral counseling but as to the "authority" it comes from ONE source: 

2 Corinthians 1:

3 Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the
Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;
4 Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to
comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we
ourselves are comforted of God.

Each of us has and will refer those who have very serious problems to professional counselors but we have each been commanded to help others through similar things we have been through as we can see from the scripture above. I also know we have seen several saved from
suicide because they did find someone that would listen, someone that would believe them. Often that person that is so close to taking their own life may simply need to know that someone has noticed and someone cares about them. It does not take a professional counselor to do this, in fact, often it will be better coming from someone like me...and someone like YOU! Someone that does not get "paid" to care!

If you do need a professional counselor. please contact us and we will help you find one in your area if possible.


P.O. BOX 166


JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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