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Early Sunday Morning, April 1st, 2007 someone hacked into my account and deleted the interactive group for Shattered Men. This is where most of the work for Shattered Men was done. They also gained access to the e-mail account that we used which contained confidential information from our membership both as an ordained minister and as a
registered nurse but it appears they simply deleted that as quickly as they could but we lost several thousand messages there too.

In this deletion, we lost all of the information that has been posted since Oct. 31, 1999 including over 40,000 messages along with the contact information for 990 members.

We will rebuild. Yahoo is working on trying to recover some of this information and they have said they do know who did it. We will be requesting criminal charges be filed with the FBI who has already been contacted regarding this.

Although this shows that someone does not want the hidden side of abuse to be know, we need to remember that unless we look at BOTH sides, we will not resolve this problem but it appears that someone is willing to break United States federal laws to keep BOTH sides from being exposed!

YOU can help show this person that his or her actions will not work.  Please join  our new interactive group  at:



It has come to our attention that this page is linked on a feminist blog as a complaint about the men's rights movement in general. I have tried to reply on this site but was unable to so I am replying here for those who find their way here from that site.   I ask, why is it  ok for these radical feminist to always demand rights for women but anytime a man states there should be equal protection as is supposedly guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States we are called whinny little boys or worse.  The blog this was on it by a radical feminist but she does think men and women should have rights and responsibilities.  The problem is, she thinks women should have the rights and men should be responsible to assure they have all of them.  The following is from this site:

I have little patience myself with these attacks on domestic violence shelters for women, because I tend to think that the supposed concern for battered men coming from a lot of MRAs is disingenous. Like Bean says, real concern for battered men would result in MRAs starting shelters and doing outreach, but instead efforts have been focused on trying to sue existing women's shelters until they go under. This particular site that is supposed to be about helping male victims seems more interested in begrudging women who escape abusive partners their chance at a bed to sleep in and a warm meal. (That entire site is illuminating--another example of a "Christian" who thinks that Jesus' exhortations to love your neighbor, advice that anyone begruding shelter to abused women is definitely not following, is less important than Paul's prescriptions for male dominance.)

We have tried to get funding to start shelters for men. In fact, there are three in the United States that do help men.  Most women shelters tell us they will help men but this is a well kept secret.  Hands of Hope in Marion Indiana is one example of this but in looking at the literature they only talk about helping women and their children  In listing the number of people they have helped in 2002 and 2003 it includes 1,735  and children and "0" men.  Of course NONE of their ads are directed at men so it would be like expecting a man to go to a woman's hospital to get a check up.

I have tried to buy advertisement space in news papers but it was refused.  Still, the feminist did not start women's shelters, men did.  People like Senator Biden who has accepted the feminist distortions hook, line and sinker and enacted the Violence Against Women Act.  What distortions?  How about things like the Super bowl Sunday myth or the myth that more women are hurt in domestic violence then rapes muggings and auto accidents combined?  MOST of the men's rights movements DO acknowledge there are far too many female victims of domestic violence.  We are NOT asking for a Violence Against MEN Act to exclude women.  We are asking for a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACT to include EVERYONE.  Is that too much to ask?   We are not "begrudging women who escape abusive partners their chance at a bed to sleep in and a warm meal but we are asking that men who escape abusive partners not be made to sleep in the streets, in homeless missions or in jails. Is that too much to ask?  Should not everyone be protected?  Should we not value ALL our people???     

Click here for the facts on other MYTHS

Unconstitutional VAWA Law Helped By A Propaganda Ploy


These are TYPICAL  accommodations for battered and abused  WOMEN

A shelter can be anywhere and blend in. Although none of these buildings is a women's shelter, any one of them could be

As you can see the kitchens are well equipped with cookers, fridge freezers, cooking utensils, microwaves, toasters, kettles, and crockery to meet everyone’s needs.


 Living room of a typical women's shelter

This is from another typical shelter. 


This is taken from a "Women's Shelter web site.  The name of the site has been removed.  The BOLD   emphasis is mine.

What does a domestic violence shelter look like? Do the women sleep in big rooms on cots?  (Deleted)' shelter facilities, and most domestic violence shelters throughout the country, are designed specifically to support women and children. They are quite the opposite of what first comes to people's mind when the words 'homeless shelters' are used. In fact, some of the shelter provided by (deleted) is not group living, but a network of safe homes, where "hosts" take in a family and receive a stipend for providing them with room and board. (Deleted) also has safe apartments, without hosts, where a woman and her children can live together in safety. In both these cases, women and children come together at a local office for services and support groups. (Deleted) also runs specially-designed facilities that are built to strict specifications to reflect the needs of women and children. In other communities around the country, shelters are frequently converted homes that offer the same amenities that one's own house would. In specially designed shelters like the ones (deleted) runs, women and their children are assigned to a private room that has enough (real) beds to accommodate the woman and her children. Some of the shelters may be arranged apartment-style with a private bath and kitchen. Others have shared baths and common cooking and eating areas. All of (deleted) shelters are licensed by the Department of Social Services.

Is there only one kind of domestic violence shelter?

At (deleted) (and in (deleted)), emergency housing is considered to be shelters, safe apartments, or rooms in host homes where a battered woman and her children can stay for up to 90 days (with the possibility of an extension of an additional 45 days). Typically, a woman enters emergency housing before moving into transitional or permanent housing. The first (deleted)' shelter a battered woman encounters will likely help her through the immediate crisis caused by leaving her batterer and separating from her community, and help her to begin the process of learning to live independently. There are 1,167 beds in the (deleted) emergency shelter system, and (deleted) operates 253 of them.

An abused woman who leaves emergency housing may move into (deleted)' transitional housing, where she can remain for up to 6 months, with the possibility of an extension if warranted. It is hoped that upon leaving she will move to permanent housing. However, a recent survey of (deleted)' shelter residents indicated that in less than one-third of the cases women moved into permanent housing. (Deleted)' transitional shelters provide services to battered women, such as job training, nutrition workshops, and peer counseling support groups to make it easier for them to regain their independence and live on their own. They focus on practical, concrete skills of independent living while offering therapeutic counseling for women and their children.

Finding permanent housing for a battered woman and her children may involve her renting a private apartment or moving into supportive housing managed by a social service organization like (deleted). These organizations may offer continued services to the family to ensure that they are able to remain independent.

Please note the incentives many women find for "accusing" their spouse of violence.

More information on Women's Shelters.  

Shelters Used In War On Men

Billions spent on Establishing Shelters for Battered Women

Are Abuse Shelters good for Children?   (this link tells the story of a new born infant that was essentially allowed to die in a women's shelter in Canada.  This babies crime?  He was male.  

Battered MEN do have special accommodations  Click below to see some of them:


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