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The Violence Against Women Act

Please note that although the feminist claim the VAWA is gender neutral, I urge you to read for yourself and decide for yourself if it is indeed gender neutral

Also please note who had a major part in writing this act:

Senator Joseph Biden, the Delaware Democrat who once chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee, first proposed the VAWA in 1990. The bill was a collaborative effort, with key roles played by Victoria Nourse, then Senate Judiciary Committee counsel, and Sally Goldfarb, then NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund (NOW LDEF) staff attorney. A broad range of feminist groups offered input and support, and NOW LDEF's Pat Reuss lent lobbying expertise.

Radical feminist wrote this act.  Would not this be like asking the klu klux klan  to write laws concerning racial relations?

I ask you to substitute the word "women" in any of this with Black, Asians, or any other group.  Would it be fair?  Would it be Just?  Would it stand the test of the  Equal protection clause of the


Amendment XIV


Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.


These are only a few things that this Unconstitutional  act brings us:

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State-by-State Office on Violence Against Women Grant Activities

The Office on Violence Against Women administers the Department of Justice's formula and discretionary grant programs authorized by the Violence Against Women Act of 1994. The program assists the nation's criminal justice system in responding to the needs and concerns of women who have been, or potentially could be, victimized by violence. Grant programs emphasize enhanced delivery of services to women victimized by violence; strengthen outreach efforts to minorities and disabled women; and provide Indian tribal governments with funds to develop and strengthen the tribal justice system's response to violent crimes committed against Native American women through a discretionary grant program. In addition, the office provides technical assistance to state and tribal government officials in planning innovative and effective criminal justice responses to violent crimes committed against women.




Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies

From only a few states:  You can click on YOUR state to find what it is doing:

City of Lynchburg
Lynchburg, Virginia

AWARD AMOUNT: $500,000*

PURPOSE: These funds will allow the Lynchburg Police Department to continue implementing mandatory or pro-arrest programs and policies. Funds will enhance a computer case management tracking system to ensure communication between police, prosecutors, and criminal courts. Funds will support a domestic violence coordinator position within the Lynchburg Police Department and a multi-disciplinary team composed of a prosecutor, police officer, YWCA domestic violence prevention program member, and probation officer. Funding also will support the creation of a cross-disciplinary training curriculum and certification standards for those involved in domestic violence prevention. In addition, funds will support continued training of Lynchburg police officers and domestic violence prevention advocates on what is needed for successful prosecution and the unique dynamics involved in supervising domestic violence defendants.

City of Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, Colorado

AWARD AMOUNT: $1,062,545*

PURPOSE: The Domestic Violence Emergency Response Team (DVERT), a multi-disciplinary team of patrol officers, detectives, prosecutors, victim advocates, and human services case workers who identify and respond to high-risk-for-fatality domestic violence cases, will expand current efforts by implementing new protocols for domestic violence cases involving stalking and sexual assault. The DVERT Team will continue to develop multi-disciplinary training for all component agencies and will hold summits on working with the faith community and assessing the potential that a situation will provoke lethal activity.

Award Recipient: Dallas County

Award Amount: $199,261

Purpose: Dallas County seeks continued funding to maintain current efforts to promote victim safety and offender accountability through a coordinated community response. This is the County's third supplemental award under the Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies and Enforcement of Protection Orders Program. Grant funds requested will support funding to maintain advancements and improvements made since their initial award in 1997. Dallas County will maintain current staff to strengthen legal advocacy services; enforce protective orders; implement the full faith and credit provision of the Violence Against Women Act; address violence against women among diverse, traditionally underserved populations; and continue community policing efforts to reduce and prevent violence against women. The project will continue to provide services to Spanish-speaking victims located in small and rural communities, in addition to economically disadvantaged victims. The County will maintain the services of an Assistant District Attorney, two civil attorneys, two domestic violence case workers, a clerk, and a domestic violence police investigator. Additionally, the Dallas County District Attorney's Office will continue efforts to centralize the process for issuance of protective orders and the prosecution of domestic violence cases.

Click on link above to check each state out


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Civil Legal Assistance Grant Program
FY 2000

Houston Area Women's Center
Houston, TX

AMOUNT: $154,612

DURATION: 18 months

PURPOSE: With FY 2000 support, the Houston Area Women's Center (HAWC) Legal Advocacy Program will be expanded to directly provide civil legal assistance to battered women within HAWC's shelter program and in collaboration with several area legal service providers. An attorney will be hired to provide legal services and to oversee the Lawyer Referral Services program for women whose income allows access to other legal service programs. A second Legal Advocate will be hired to educate victims on legal rights, assess and identify victims' needs, accompany victims to court, refer victims to appropriate outside resources, and document and report on client services. Both Vietnamese and Spanish speaking victims will be able to receive legal services and rights information in their language with this grant's support

Travis County Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Survival Center
Austin, TX

AWARD AMOUNT: $350,277

DURATION: 18 months

PURPOSE: With this supplemental Domestic Violence Victims' Civil Legal Assistance grant, SafePlace will continue to collaborate with Legal Aid of Central Texas, the Women's Advocacy Project, Inc., and the University of Texas School of Law Domestic Violence Clinic to create a Civil Legal Assistance Program in Austin and Travis counties. The project will: 1) strengthen SafePlace's legal advocacy program by increasing access to civil legal assistance for victims of domestic violence; 2) expand the range of legal services available to victims of domestic violence; 3) strengthen the University of Texas School of Law Domestic Violence Clinic; and 4) increase the number of trained pro bono attorneys available to take domestic violence cases. SafePlace also will ensure that victims of domestic violence, who receive services through this project, are provided with information regarding housing, counseling, and safety planning.

This list can be repeated for each state (see map above)  Although we are told it is gender neutral, tell me one place where MEN can be helped?  In fact, I personally got an e-mail from the Department of Justice to tell me there is not one dime to help men.  There are some abuse shelters that do reach out to help men on their own but it is my understanding that they risk losing federal VAWA funding in order to do so to make sure not one man gets help. Yet, if a man is battered long enough, he WILL strike back and he will not stop with just one blow.  THIS is when many of these women get seriously hurt but we can not tell these feminist that.  We can not talk common sense to someone that is only looking for money and power.  I do not know of even ONE Father's rights or men's rights groups that get one dime of tax payer money although we are accused of it. 

As a result of this, this is what a Battered Woman can obtain.   Click HERE

This is the future for a battered man.  Click HERE

THIS web site is not free, but I do not get a dime of money from anyone other then myself and I am not complaining...I do it willingly to help those who have no other source for help.  My point is that these women shelters get tens of thousands of federal dollars  In fact, the tax payers support much of the feminist agenda.  NOW gets a lot of tax dollars for a membership that is only a fraction of what they claim.  I challenge NOW to open their records. PROVE how many members you really have and prove what you are doing with our tax money other then to demonize fathers and men in general! 



Fight VAWA 2005

Who do you think made this statement?

It may surprise you when you find out.

"In my house, being raised with a sister and three brothers, there
was an absolute it was a nuclear sanction, if under any
circumstances, for any reason, no matter how justified, even self-
defense if you ever touched your sister, not figuratively,
literally. My sister, who is my best friend, my campaign manager, my
confidante, grew up with absolute impunity in our household. And I
have the bruises to prove it. I mean that sincerely. I am not
exaggerating when I say that."
"And I have the bruises to prove it."

The author? None other then Senator Joe Biden...the originator of
the Violence Against Women Act. Umm wouldn't ya think he would
know better then most that women can be violent too???

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