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Early Sunday Morning, April 1st, 2007 someone hacked into my account and deleted the interactive group for Shattered Men. This is where most of the work for Shattered Men was done. They also gained access to the e-mail account that we used which contained confidential information from our membership both as an ordained minister and as a
registered nurse but it appears they simply deleted that as quickly as they could but we lost several thousand messages there too.

In this deletion, we lost all of the information that has been posted since Oct. 31, 1999 including over 40,000 messages along with the contact information for 990 members.

We will rebuild. Yahoo is working on trying to recover some of this information and they have said they do know who did it. We will be requesting criminal charges be filed with the FBI who has already been contacted regarding this.

Unless we look at BOTH sides, we will not resolve this problem but it appears that someone is willing to break United States federal laws to keep BOTH sides from being exposed!

YOU can help show this person that his or her actions will not work.  Please join  our new interactive group  at:


What Is In VAWA II?

 Fight VAWA 2005

VAWA II is a dangerous piece of legislation for America's families, businesses, and taxpayers. It has very little to do with protecting women or helping troubled families. The legislative intent is easily visible to anyone: to create an all-encompassing new welfare state using the "A" word as a deceptive devise.

VAWA II would:

  • Define a legal "Determination" that domestic assault took place solely on the statement of the alleged victim, unless the "agency" has an independent, reasonable basis to find the individual not credible. {Sec. 404 (2)(B)(i) and (vi). With this home-made "Determination" of abuse, all the other provisions of VAWA II become effective. [Note the true meaning of this provision once combined with the next item]

  • Deny funding to any domestic violence center that questions or attempts to assess abusive behaviors, motives, or credibility of a woman claiming to be a victim (Sec. 251(b)(4)).

  • Amend the Parental Kidnapping Act to federally-fund child kidnapping by allegors of abuse (whether abuse occurred or not). Even one alleged incident of abuse invokes absolute immunity from prosecution. Remember that "victim" status is based solely on assertion.

  • Amend the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and I.R.S. Code to permit looting of retirement accounts and tax refunds of alleged perpetrators by those alleging child abuse.

  • Fund H.U.D. to provide permanent free housing to any woman who alleges spousal or child abuse Remember that "victim" status is based solely on assertion.
  • Require health care insurance companies and worker's compensation plans to provide permanent insurance coverage to any woman alleging abuse Remember that "victim" status is based solely on assertion. .

  • Bar deportation of illegal immigrant women who claim abuse, grant immigrant status, automatically give them welfare benefits, while prosecuting the alleged perpetrator.

  • Make it nearly impossible for employers to dismiss or discipline women who allege domestic abuse, and award attorneys fees against employers dealing with emotionally unstable female employees.

  • Create unemployment compensation and paid leave entitlements. Employers would be gagged from internal discussion questioning why the leave is necessary.

  • Fund the kidnapping of children across state lines by women who allege domestic violence or child abuse. [Remember that "Victim" status is legally recognized solely on the basis of an assertion of domestic violence or child abuse.]

  • Fund "Youth" programs to spew antifamily radical feminist propaganda into our public schools.

  • Fund only NGO's and SBO's to tell governmental agencies what to do.

  • Fund attorneys and the Bar Associations to provide free services only to women alleging abuse.

  • Codify into federal law a large collection of radical feminist propaganda deeply skewed along gender lines. For example, parental alienation syndrome (where a parent programs a child to dislike or hate the other parent) would be legislated out of existence.

  • Re-define the definition of domestic violence in the Omnibus Crime and Safe Streets Act to exclude 'acts of self defense.' Remember that "victim" status is based solely on assertion.

  • Create a strong federal presumption for sole maternal custody irregardless of who actually did most of the childcare, the quality of the childcare, or other factors of marital moral responsibility. [Sec. 241 (1)].

  • Fund the establishment of "Supervised Visitation Centers" to study all the fathers who become "perpetrators" on the sole basis of an assertion of abuse. Existing NGO's would have line-item veto over funding of these centers, assuring adherence to the female-victim model.

  • Mandate that domestic violence treatment centers help only women. Existing non-governmental abuse centers would be given state-level "line-item-veto" authority to approve/dissapprove applications for new centers.

  • Blame any domestic disagreement on men, and deny funding to any organization that disagrees with this approach.

  • Where spousal conflict is alleged to have taken place, children would no longer be able to benefit from parenting by the noncustodial parent.

  • Where serious spousal conflict is alleged, shared parenting would be precluded, inuring to the benefit of a custodial parent irregardless of the source of conflict.

  • You may view the list of original VAWA II sponsors here.

    You may view the current version of VAWA II in
    PDF or HTML format.


    VAWA II "Shotgun" Bills

    The following congressional bills are chunks of VAWA II introduced in an attempt to sneak VAWA II through Congress without being noticed. Note that the same sponsors and actors are involved as in VAWA II.

    HR 3901 / HR 3902
    HCR 286 (Animal Abuse and human abuse!)
    Miscellaneous VAWA "Shotgun" bills

    NOTE:  When we reward people for being "victims" we will have many more "victims"  Look at the above and see for yourself the many way a woman who is the "victim" of domestic violence is rewarded.  Look at the first item to see that a mere statement that she is a victim is all that is needed.  Once more, we KNOW there are those that are abused but  BOTH men And women are real victims.  This act prohibits by law...any help for the male victim or his children.  Is this not a violation of the U. S. Constitution and the 14th Amendment...equal protection under the law?   Is it not time to value ALL our people?

    Who do you think made this statement?

    It may surprise you when you find out.

    "In my house, being raised with a sister and three brothers, there
    was an absolute it was a nuclear sanction, if under any
    circumstances, for any reason, no matter how justified, even self-
    defense if you ever touched your sister, not figuratively,
    literally. My sister, who is my best friend, my campaign manager, my
    confidante, grew up with absolute impunity in our household. And I
    have the bruises to prove it. I mean that sincerely. I am not
    exaggerating when I say that."
    "And I have the bruises to prove it."

    The author? None other then Senator Joe Biden...the originator of
    the Violence Against Women Act. Umm wouldn't ya think he would
    know better then most that women can be violent too???





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