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Along With Shattered Men, we have another group Christian antifeminists. This group addresses the evil of gender feminist. We recently had a man join and then left  with this statement:

(note: the group above was hacked into and destroyed at the same time as was Shattered Men. Truth can not be silenced. The new group is located at Christian Antifeminism

I do not want to be part of this intolerant group. Jesus is part of it neither!

In an e-mail he sent to us, he also added:

You must be kidding. Why would I associate myself or expose my Christian sensitivity to such intolerance.

He signed his name:  D.Min, M.F.T.  Following is my reply to him.

Can you help me understand something. You say we are intolerant?

What must we tolerate: Homosexuality and call it an alternative life
style although GOD calls it an abomination. You see my friend, the
feminist in their own words have declared:

"The simple fact is that every woman must be willing to be identified
as a lesbian to be fully feminist." (National NOW Times, Jan.1988).

Perhaps we as children of a Righteous God should tolerate living
together without marriage...commonly known as shacking up such as
some leading feminist have declared:

"Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the
women's movement must concentrate on attacking this institution.
Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage."
(radial feminist leader Sheila Cronan).

Although it seems feminist scream "CHOICE" they do want to deny
choice to many women:

"Being a housewife is an illegitimate profession... The choice to
serve and be protected and plan towards being a family-maker is a
choice that shouldn't be. The heart of radical feminism is to change
that." (Vivian Gornick, feminist author, University of Illinois, "The
Daily Illini," April
25, 1981.

OH yes. I assume we are to accept the traditional feminist choice to
murder unborn babies to be tolerate. It does not matter that many
feminist do not restrict it to the unborn.

The most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant
members is to kill it." (Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned
Parenthood in "Women and the New Rage," p.67.

Tolerance. Perhaps it means to break up the family that GOD has
ordained to raise our children in communities. After all we do know
it takes a village do we not?

"In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away
from families and communally raise them." (Dr. Mary Jo Bane, feminist
and assistant professor of education at Wellesley College and
associate director of the school's Center for Research on Woman).

Then again, maybe we should tolerate the feminist as they attempt to
destroy the family (and believe me, they are doing a great job of it
with the Violence Against Women Act which was written by the NOW
legal department. You may want to check Shattered Men to find out
more about this.

"Marriage has existed for the benefit of men; and has been a legally
sanctioned method of control over women... We must work to destroy
it. The end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition
for the liberation of women. Therefore it is important for us to
encourage women to leave their husbands and not to live individually
with men... All of history must be re-written in terms of oppression
of women. We must go back to ancient female religions like
witchcraft." (from "The Declaration of Feminism," November 1971).

Then again, if I am not mistaking, God was the God of Abraham Isaac
and Jacob but they want to rewrite the Bible to say SHE was the
Goddess of Sarah, Rachel and Rebecca

"Overthrowing capitalism is too small for us. We must overthrow the
whole... patriarch!" (Gloria Steinhem, radical feminist leader,
editor of 'MS' magazine).

Although our own government tells us to observe human rights, feminist
tell us:

In response to a question concerning China's policy of compulsory
abortion after the first child, Molly Yard responded, "I consider the
Chinese government's policy among the most intelligent in the world."
(Gary Bauer, "Abetting Coercion in China," The Washington Times",
10, 1989). So is this wholesale murder of living infants (mostly
girls btw) suppose to be what an antifeminist is suppose to tolerate?

Ahhh NO..,... I remember what we are suppose to tolerate. The
teaching of ANY religion OTHER then JESUS CHRIST!

"Let's forget about the mythical Jesus and look for encouragement,
solace and inspiration from real women... Two thousand years of
patriarchal rule under the shadow of the cross ought to be enough to
turn women toward the feminist 'salvation' of this world." (Annie
Gaylor, "Feminist Salvation," "The Humanist", July/August 1988, p.37.

"By the year 2000 we will, I hope, raise our children to believe in
human potential, not God." (Gloria Steinhem, editor of 'MS' magazine.)

My friend, Why is it that Christianity has to tolerate all other
things...but NO ONE has to tolerate Christianity.

One last thing.....Christianity is NOT believing in a man named
JESUS. It means to have a right relationship with GOD through Jesus

Many people think that knowing that Jesus Christ died for our sin is
all that is needed for salvation. It is NOT! In order to have
salvation that is to have eternal life there are a few basic steps we
need to follow. This is so important I want to go over them,

1: We need to realize we have sinned. Romans 3:23 For all have sinned
and come short of the Glory of God This means we have failed to met
the goal of being perfect in order to enter heaven. Few of us would
question this.

2: The penalty for the sin that we are guilty of is death. Romans
6:23 tells us The wages of sin is death. (Death is separation. When
our body dies, our soul is separated from our body. Eternal death is
when we die without doing what is being explained here and then our
spirit is separated from God for eternity.

Since the only price we can pay for our own sin is to be separated
from God forever, it stands to reason that there is no way we can pay
for our sin ourselves. We thus come to the 2nd part of Romans 6:23:
but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ the Lord.

3: 2nd Corinthians 5:21 informs us: For he hath made him, who knew no
sin, to be sin for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God
in him. Jesus Christ, God's only Son became sin for us so that we can
be freed from the penalty of sin. What then do we need to do?

4: For GOD so loved the world that HE gave His only begotten Son that
whosoever (read YOUR name here) believeth in Him should not perish
but have everlasting life. Please note the ONLY condition given is
that we believe in Jesus Christ for full payment for our sin.

5: Many times our own past activities or the activities of our
ancestors may be a basis for demonic problems based on Exodus 20:5.
It is important therefore to Renounce the sins of our ancestors.

Now if we only learn these facts, even though we may understand that
they are true and believe them. that is only knowing ABOUT GOD. How
do we KNOW HIM then? It is APPLYING that payment to our account.

This would be like having a check to pay a bill and putting the check
on a desk. The bill does not get paid because the check was never
APPLIED to your account. Once we know and believe the facts pointed
out above, the next step is to TALK to God much as you and I would
and admit that we have fallen short of what He wants.

We recognize that we deserve to be separated from a Holy God. We then
tell Him that we know that He has provided a payment for all our sin
and this payment was Jesus Christ when He died on a cross.

It is at this time we ask God to APPLY THIS PAYMENT TO OUR ACCOUNT.
We ask God to credit as PAYMENT IN FULL for all our sin the price
Jesus paid for us. It is this step that gives us eternal life. If we
do all but this step, we know about God.

When we do this step, we will KNOW God and we will have eternal
life. Following is a model of a prayer to trust Christ.

Lord God, I now realize I am a sinner. I realize I have fallen
short of the goal You have set forth for eternal life and I now
repent of this sin. I also understand that according to Your Word,
the Bible, that Your Son, Jesus Christ as paid the debt for me and I
am now asking You to credit the payment Jesus made on the cross to my
sin. Lord God, I also renounce any sin on the part of my ancestors
that may have been invitations to curses or demonic activity. Lord
God I also now understand that You have now given me eternal life
and I thank You for that fact. Amen.

Pastor Ken Deemer

Director Shattered Men

PS.....the need for this ministry has been brought to us by our dear
gender feminist...the same ones you are now telling us to TOLERATE!

Note: Although I am an ordained pastor, I do not like to use it often. I do feel it was appropriate in this case

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