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I have been sitting here at this pc with so many thoughts in my mind.
Thoughts both from society and from our family here in Shattered

Many in this family are hurting tonight. As you have read in the
previous post Jenny lost her mother. She still had not been able to
fully repair their relationship...a relationship so many take for

Others have very serious and very possibly terminal illnesses. Often
these illnesses cause almost if not constant intense pain. Others
have had one session of chemotherapy after another and unless one as
seem a person goes through this, you have little idea of the toll it
takes. Chemo is literally poisoning the whole body but the idea is
to get the cancer cells before the healthy cells because the cancer
cells use more of the resources. Sort of like being held hostage so
you poison all the food including yours because the kidnappers eat
twice as much as you do so ....

Still others remain jobless and some are homeless. Others remain in
abusive relationships. Many are having a hard time trusting our
LORD. Some still do not Know HIM!

Thoughts in the night....thoughts but no answers. How do we instill
hope? How do we let you know that God has not forgotten you? That
He loves YOU so much in spite of what we see around us?

It is not only a personal is a national problem.

Our society is in a crisis as never before. We have all seen the
news from Iraq..the photos. The worse part may be that so many
people have expressed that "this is what they deserve"

I saw this in another group and I do believe it hits upon a major
problem in our society..and in some of us. It is from a commentary
by Melvin Rhodes, Good News writer and regional pastor, Ghana]

Some time ago, the host of ABC television's popular Nightline
program, Ted Koppel, related an incident that happened to him at a
U.S. airport. On his arrival, a member of the public recognized him
and came forward asking for his autograph. While signing, he saw that
a fellow passenger was mobbed by people as he got off the plane, also
requesting his autograph.

Mr. Koppel didn't recognize the passenger and inquired as to who was
receiving all this attention.

He was informed that the man was a famous American porn-movie star —
and clearly, based on the crowd's reaction, this man was a lot more
famous than Mr. Koppel. Obviously, among the passengers at that
airport, more people were familiar with this adult-movie star than
were familiar with the host of U.S. television's most serious nightly
news program.

But Mr. Koppel made another astute observation–that there was no
sense of shame or embarrassment among those surrounding the porn star
and requesting his autograph. They were quite open, in public, about
the fact that they all watched his movies.

A whole generation (or two) has grown up since the legalization of
pornography 35 years ago. For more than 10 years porn has been widely
available on the web where even children can easily access the
material. Is it any wonder that U.S. servicemen should submit
captured prisoners to the same humiliating sexual acts that they may
have seen on film or the Internet thousands of times?

Should we be shocked that one of the acts they made Iraqi prisoners
simulate would become known to the whole world as having been
shamelessly performed in the Oval office of the White House several
years ago during the formative teenage years of these same soldiers?

Is there any wonder that terrorists, most notably Osama bin Laden,
have exploited this sexual depravity to their own advantage? One of
the principal reasons given by the al-Qaeda's leader in his "Letter
to America" for the attacks on 9/11 was the shameful sexual sins
committed in the White House, acts for which he held all the American
people responsible.

His reasoning was that since the United States is a democracy, its
people choose their leaders—and since they chose an immoral leader,
they share the blame for such immoral conduct. Millions of Muslims
agree with his assessment.

Undoubtedly the shameful acts forced on these Iraqi prisoners will
incur a heavy price on other military personnel serving in that
country. More seriously, they have exposed the hypocrisy of a nation
that, while historically committed to human rights, has become the
leading producer of pornography—in which Americans shamelessly
perform debasing sexual acts for the entertainment of people around
the world, a degrading trade in "bodies and souls of men" (Revelation

Our society IS getting worse. WE has Christians have allowed
compromise to water down our convictions until Christians have few if
any left. Divorce is as common in the CHURCH as in society. Our
churches spend more time ministering to those who are divorced, often
with single again groups to help them find yet another mate instead
of working on troubled marriages. Oh I realize there are times it
can not be helped. Paul told us that if the unbeliever chose to
leave, we should let them and we would not be in bondage in that
case. There are so many other areas that GOD's people are just like
those that do not know HIM.

God called us to be a separated come out from amoung them,
not to join them in all their perversions. How often have we heard
some in our churches speak about going to this or that movie during
the week...but the movie is actually "soft porn"?

Folks...listen...and listen good..EVERY evil thing we allow to enter
our ears..our eyes...WILL affect us. It will weaken us. There is
always a hidden cost to sin.

Thoughts in the Night...thoughts on how do I not only tell you..but
show you that Jesus IS the answer? is not that all my problems are solved. I still have
polycyethemia. I still have doubts. I still have concerns for my
children and grandchildren but I do know MY LORD! I know the promise
HE has made to me...and to YOU...

This song says it better then I can:

He promises that HE would be a counselor
A mighty God and the prince of Peace
He promises that HE would be a Father and
He would love us with a love that would not cease

Well, I tried Him and found His promises are true
He is everything HE said HE would be
The finest words I know could not begin to tell
What Jesus means to me

For He's more wonderful then my mind can conceive
He's more wonderful then my heart can believe
He goes beyond my highest hopes and fondest dreams

He's everything that my soul ever longed for
Everything HE promised and so much more
More then amazing, More then marvelous
More then miraculous could ever be
He's more then wonderful

That's what Jesus is to me.

I stand amazed when I think the King of Glory
Would come to live within the heart of man
Oh I marvel just to know He really loves me
When I think of who HE is...and who I am

For He's more wonderful then my mind can conceive
He's more wonderful then my heart can believe
He goes beyond my highest hopes and fondest dreams

He's everything that my soul ever longed for
Everything HE promised and so much more
More then amazing, more then marvelous
More then miraculous could ever be
He's more then wonderful

That's what Jesus is to me.

I said this also had a challenge...actually it has two.

CHALLENGE ONE: I was going to post some verses that showed the HOPE
we have in Jesus..verse like "all things work for the good of them
that love the LORD..but I am going to leave that to YOU.

Please post the verses or verses that have brought YOU through the

We are told what the real cure for our nation is in 2 Chronicles 7:14
which tells us:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves,
and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then
will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal
their land.


Will YOU agree to pray this prayer? Will you join with me in doing

MY LORD...I am calling on YOUR name tonight. I humble myself and
admit that I can not do this. I have no answers for those that need
them. I still fall short of what YOU want me to do. I confess I am
still tempted to listen to those off color jokes others tell around
me. I confess I still have had thoughts that I should not allow
especially in view of these reports coming from Iraq. Lord I turn
from these ways and turn toward YOU....I seek YOU my LORD. I want to
see Jesus. I want to reach out and touch say that I love
YOU. I want to be like YOU.

My LORD, I pray that You will hear our cries, that You will forgive
us, and that YOU will heal our land..and YOUR people.

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