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Stumblingblock..causing others to fall

Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this
rather, that no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in
his brother's way Romans 14:13

My friend, this is but one verse in the Word of God that warns us not
to cause another to fall. We are even told that we need to yield
or give up our "rights" to assure a weaker Christian does not fall.

I do urge each of us to read all of Romans 14 to get this warn in
full. Paul tells us that some things may be "lawful" for us ...that
is we may feel it is OK, but if a weaker Christian feels it is sin,
we need to give that up to avoid causing that person to sin.

Yet there are other things we can do on the net to cause another to

I have had a problem with pornography. I did have some people that
sent XXX site links for me to "check out" A few I feel did it
intentionally. I thank God that it was not a problem but if I do
know it goes to a site like this, I will NOT check it out and those
that do know me will not ask me to.

Yet we do have some that do send links to sites that they KNOW the
receive has problems with. They know they have a weakness in this
area. It is is SIN.

If we willfully cause another person to fall, GOD holds US more
responsible then that one we caused to fall. I sure do not want that
on my you?

There are other ways we can be a stumbling block. If we try to get
them to be involved in a wrong relationship, one in which sexual
gratification is exchanged with one NOT our own wife or husband, that
is being a stumbling block. Now this could be between men and women,
or it can be a relationship between two of the same gender. It does
not matter, it will still be SIN.

Often when a man or a woman shows an interest in helping someone that
is hurting, that caring can be confused with affection...affection in
which the hurting may read more into it then was intended. Often
when we reach out to someone and really care, it can be mistaking for
Eros love and not agape love. This in turn can turn into more hurt
feelings when that one that was trying to help finds they were
mistaken and then has to set limits.

If this has happened to you, either on the giving or receiving end of
this, please ask God to show you how to handle it, how to either SET
limits...or ACCEPT limits so that we can all go about helping each
other server Our LORD to the fullest.


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