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Christian Radio station Rejects Shattered Men.

This is a letter I got from a Christian radio station. I read lip
service all over it. My reply to this letter is below the letter.  I am including this here to show the bias this ministry and any group working for true equality faces.  There is real censorship to keep information such as this ministry has from being published or aired.  If an abused man heard the program mentioned here, it would have been a slap in his face, adding yet another insult to his abuse just as so often an abused man is the one arrested for being abused.  Is it not time to value ALL of our people and to have Justice for ALL? 

(The police officer I refer to is Donald Stewart. He was interviewed
by this radio station and gave all the feminist hog wash we are so
use to hearing. He would have made NOW very proud of him as he was a
good little boy and learned the lessons they taught him well.)

Dear Ken:

Thank you for personally dropping off a copy of your book, "Jerusalem
Daily/Shattered Men," at the station. Writing and publishing a book
is a huge accomplishment. Congratulations!

(name withheld) and I both read your book, keeping in mind the criteria
we apply to the hundreds of books sent to us each year for Mid-
Morning consideration. First, a book must be technically solid in
its use of grammar, structure, and language. Second, the content,
especially in nonfiction addressing serious emotional and
psychological issues like abuse, must be rooted in biblical truth and
supported by biblically-based counseling principles.

Unfortunately, "Jerusalem Daily/Shattered Men," does not meet the
criteria. Technically, the writing is uneven. Regarding content, it
is our policy to utilize mental health professionals, including
licensed counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, for shows
addressing psychological and emotional issues. Their expertise is a
must for providing answers to the complex problems raised via
listener questions.

The issue of abuse mental, physical, and sexual is a reality for
numerous Mid-Morning listeners, which is why we address the topic
several times a year. Detective Sergeant Donald Stewart tackled the
difficult topic of domestic violence on March 25.

We aired psychologist Dr. Diane Langberg's interview on sexual abuse
twice last year and will include a follow-up on the topic in 2004.
And the subject of mental abuse consistently surfaces on programs
dealing with marriage and male/female relationships, including our
monthly program featuring psychologist Dr. Bill Utesch.

Thank you, Ken, for sharing a copy of "Jerusalem Daily/Shattered Men"
with us. (name deleted)  and I wish you God's direction, wisdom, and blessing
as you seek to help others through the ministry of Shattered Men.


Station information deleted



Ms (name witheld)

I have to wonder if you did indeed read this book. It seems you made
mind before "reading" it that the ministry of Shattered Men would not
be allowed long before I brought it to you. I feel you may have
scanned the book to find something to disagree with. You see, you
seem to have missed the introduction altogether. This book was not
written to Pharisees, but to ordinary people...and especially to
those that do not know the LORD. I would not expect the self-
righteous to understand it.

First, I do not have a hint of what you mean by "uneven".

As far as "must be technically solid in its use of grammar,
structure, and language" goes....I have often found when talking with
feminist that if they can not argue with the content of a message,
they blast the style...the grammar, structure or language. This is
Misandry in action.

You say it is your policy to "utilize mental health professionals
when addressing serious emotional and psychological issues like abuse?

Since when is a police officer a mental health professional and a
Registered Psych nurse with over 30 years experience not?

I have been working with several that have asked me if I had talked
to their counselor because over the last several years, their
counselor and I have been working on the same area with the same
focus. One woman was not able to say the LORD's prayer because it
started with Our FATHER. I have "adopted her as a father and she now
calls me "dad" Can your police officer tell you about results like

You tell me it must be rooted in biblical truth and supported by
biblically based counseling principles? Yet you allow a program that
has extremely misleading information to be aired? When did that become
Biblically based? (addressed on page 117 in JD/SM)

You must have missed page 111 in JD/SM because it shows that it is
NOT 5% of the abuse victims are men..but at least 39% are. (This is
according to the Department of Justice 1998)

The Bible also recognizes that women abuse men. It tells us 3 times
in Proverbs that it is better for men to live in the wilderness then
to be with a violent woman. (Prov 21:9, 21:19 and 25:24)

What next Ms (name withheld)? Are you going to have a program on racial issues
presented by the grand master of the Ku Klux Klan? This is what it is
like to try to appease me with Donald Stewart. He was trained in
domestic violence using the VAWA funds which I do address in this
book but you must have missed that part too. Radical feminist trained
him...women who literally want to see most men eliminated yet you
accept this?

You say you want Biblical principals? When did it become a Biblical
principal to encourage divorce at the first hint of trouble?
Shattered Men has been strengthening marriages. This leads me to
believe you must have missed chapter 13...Strengthening troubled
marriages also. (SM has done just this many times)

When did it become Biblical to excuse a specific group of people from
personal accountability? I thought David ME oh
LORD...not "search my husband". This program you aired on March 25
had NO personal accountability. Do you really believe it is always
the man's fault?

Ms (name withheld), I have a page on our web site that states we will be seeing
more murder suicides in our society as men see they are about to lose
everything they have ever worked for including their children because
of false accusations (we cover this in the book too but it appears
you also missed that) Ms (name withheld), we have had several men tell us that
they were about ready to take their own life when they found
Shattered Men but then said "Finally, someone will believe ME" Some
did not know the LORD at that time. They do now. Would it have been
ok for them to have taken their own life because they were male?
Oh..Shattered Men has literally prevented several women from doing so
also. WE do have a balance...we look at BOTH sides.

This ministry can only help those who know about it. Yet because it
focuses on men it is not politically correct.

Ms (name withheld), the next time there is a murder suicide related to domestic
violence in your listening area, ask yourself..."could this have been
prevented if this man knew about Shattered Men and that someone would
have believed that 'he' was the victim in that situation?" To be
honest Ms (name withheld), at this moment I do doubt it would matter to you if
it is only a suicide.

One last thing...You both must have missed page 120 and 121 or you
would have recognized (Station information deleted)  (not by name) when I was accused of not having resolved my own anger from abuse. I now know that Matthew
would not be welcomed on your program...he was only a tax
collector...and of course we can not use Peter James and John...they
were not "experts". They were only ordinary fishermen. Umm what does
that leave? Oh yea...Luke and Paul. They were the only ones
with "degrees".

Boy am I glad GOD does not limit us like people do!

Pastor Ken Deemer
Director Shattered Men


It HAS happened...TWICE!

Jul 4, 2004

Much to my regret, I have to report that it has happened twice within
the past couple of weeks. One of which has hit close to home!

In Post 20010 I posted a letter I got from a Christian radio station
in my area in which they refused to discuss "Jerusalem
Daily/Shattered Men" I posted my reply to them in post 20163 part of
which included:

Ms (name withheld), the next time there is a murder suicide related
to domestic violence in your listening area, ask yourself..."could
this have been prevented if this man knew about Shattered Men and
that someone would have believed that 'he' was the victim in that
situation?" To be honest Ms (name withheld), at this moment I do
doubt it would matter to you if it is only a suicide.

It has happened! There was a murder/suicide in this listening area
which I do not know the details about, but the second one was a
suicide less then 15 miles from me. This is the one that hit close
to home. This man was accused of harrasment to his enstranged wife
and was threatning suicide. His mother was there at the time he was
threatening to take his life. Police were called and adding to this
mess, one of the police officers is the husband of one of our nurses
and he was injuried. She told me this man shot through the wall and
injured Richard.

The mother of this man was a former co worker on my unit and I have
found out that he did not shoot at anyone. The shot through the wall
occured when she pushed his hand away as he was attempting to shoot

We are not getting acccurate information in the media and I doubt if
we will in any of these causes. It does make me wonder...WHAT IF!

I realize there is a possiblity that everything the typical women's
shelters would say about these two are correct and I also realize
that they may never have listened to this radio station but I do have
to ask what if these men knew about Shattered Men? Would it have
made a difference if they knew that someone would believe them if
they were not the monster they were made out to be? I do believe
that if this topic were allowed on the station, GOD could have had
just the right people searching the dial and finding this at the
right time. We have had it right here in our group where a few have
found Shattered Men as they were about to take their own life.

We NEED to make this ministry know people We can only help those who
know about it.

We do have business cards on our web site which could be printed out
and handed to pastors, counslors and others.

Tell people about Jerusalem Daily/Shattered Men

It is listed on

and Barnes and Nobel

For some reason, both these places can sell it for less then I can
sell it for. (their's would not be signed by the author)

I am not interested in making money or a name for myself. Shattered
Men is a tent maker ministry. I work full time to meet my needs. I
am very interested in getting word of this ministry out to others so
we can introduce hurting men and women to the only one that can heal
a broken heart and repair shattered lives.

I am planing on talking to this former co worker to minister to her
in this time of tragdy and to find out "the rest of the story"


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