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Our Outlook Does Effect Others

How often have we seen someone standing off to the side in a room
full with people wishing someone would talk to them. How often has
that someone been us?

Recently I heard about a college student that saw a beautiful girl
to whom he was attracted to. She was smart, very popular and had
everything going for her. She could easily have been the prom queen.
This man admitted he was intimidated by her. As a result, he had
very little contact with her, as did she. One day, she needed a ride
to a nearby town and asked if he could take her there. There was no
longer a place for him to hide from her. After the first mile or two
of awkward silence, the woman asked if she could say something. He
knew he was about to get blasted but when she spoke, she called him
by name and said...I do not know why, but every since I met you, I
have been intimidated by you. You seem to have it all together and
(This was a Christian college) I have seen you do so much for the
LORD that I know I just could not come close.

Two people, two years of not being friends because they were both
intimidated by the other....needlessly!

The question now is...could it be happening to...US???

Are there those around you that you would love to talk to but you
are afraid they will not give you the time of day? They could be
thinking the same about you my friend.

How about you? Could our demeanor chase others away that would love
to be friends with us. So often this happens when both people
desperately need someone to care...someone to understand.
How we perceive someone will often determine how we act or react to
them. If we feel intimidated by them we will tend to avoid them.
How can we feel intimidated by someone? Perhaps if we think they are
smarter, and they will embarrass us, this could happen. How about
the feeling that they want to find the least bit of fault and then
belittle us for it? Would that not be intimidating? Suppose they had
authority or power over us? Would we be afraid that they were always
looking for a reason to punish us? Perhaps a boss giving an
assignment beyond what we think we could do just so they could
Needless to say, we would never think that perhaps our boss has
faith in us that we could do the job and maybe even wanted us to
stretch our wings so they can give us a promotion.
T here is another person we are often intimidated by...and so
needlessly. We often feel that God is always looking at us, waiting
for us to do something wrong so that He can punish us. Our outlook
toward God does effect the way we react toward Him. On top of that
we are often told to literally fear GOD in our churches but using
the wrong meaning of fear. Oh yes, if we do not trust Jesus for
salvation and die without Him, we would certainly have reason to
fear. We then hear popular songs such as "God is watching us from a
Distance" and so often get the idea that God must think we have body
odor or that we are so bad that we should be yelling

Our outlook on people reflects how we think they think of us. It
will effect our relationship with them. Our view of what we think
GOD thinks about US does too.

In reality, all of our good works are as filthy rags, but God still
loves us. He wants us to come to Him just as we are. We do not need
to clean up first, In fact we could never clean up good enough to be
worthy of GOD. HE gives us all we need for Jesus Christ became sin
for us so that God will only see HIS righteousness in us once we
accept Jesus.

How do you think of God my friend? What do you think God thinks
about YOU?

Remember, God IS love...real love. We will only need to be concerned
about the wrath of God if we reject Jesus Christ. Ok, I can hear the
thinking going one here...sure we can trust Christ and then do
anything we want and still everything is ok right? Wrong. I have
never said I believe we can do whatever we want without consequence.
There is always a price to pay for sin and it is always more then we
can afford. This applies AFTER salvation too because we do reap what
we sow.

Our outlook on how we view someone else or how we think they see us
will make a difference. So what can we do?

First, talk to those around us that we want to be friends with. We
may be surprised that they want to be friends with us too.

Most important of all, if we feel intimidated by GOD...TALK to HIM.
Tell God how you feel and get to know Him. This is one way to do it:

Of course, if you do not have a personal relationship with God, this
would be the first step. God wants an intimate relationship with us.
Get one here:

If there is anything we can do to help you in this, we are here.
Most of all, Jesus is only a whisper away.

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