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I have been found innocent of domestic violence and abuse in three courts in two Colorado counties after my ex-wife used such charges attempting to cover up the affair she was having, as well as hide her assets. In each case the allegation was made against me during testimony and depositions that I am a "trained killer" inasmuch as I served with Marine Corps infantry (1st Marines), and like to blow things up (my Ph.D. is in geophysics/rock mechanics, so I've used explosives by the ton all my life, even after the Marines). As I am a "trained killer" it was her position, and that of her mad-dog feminist attorney, that I should be restrained and barred for life from ever using firearms and explosives again. As to whether I am a danger to society you might spend a moment reviewing my CV and decide for yourself. I recently took her to trial on claims of malicious prosecution and abuse of process for her repeated and unfounded charges against me and lost. Again she claimed that I constantly made reference to my Marine Corps experience and training and that caused her to be in "fear" of me. Apparently the jury in the Peoples Republic of Boulder, Colorado, thought that adequate reason and basis to justify her repeatedly bringing such charges against me, however unfounded. As an aside, it may be useful to mention that when I met my now ex-wife, my oldest son was getting ready to go into the Marines (he served with 5th Marines) and during the marriage I was giving lectures at MIT sponsored by a former Marine veteran of WW II. And my youngest son also attempted to join the Marines during our marriage. A dislike of his stepmother may have been a factor in his attempting to enlist but an unsuspected physical disability prevented him from going. Sea stories about life in the Marines were thus a constant throughout our relationship. Her testimony was that such conversations "made her uncomfortable" and gave her reason to fear me. Attorneys have told me they have seen this tactic used against veterans in other DV and abuse cases. So the use of military service in attempts to condemn and restrain a man are not unique to me. There is also at least one attorney in Colorado who routinely makes these accusations against police officers who are involved in divorce/restraining order hearings (it is estimated DV restraining orders are used to gain advantage in 1/3 of divorces in Colorado). And if such charges stick against a cop, he loses his job because he can't carry a gun. Men on active duty in the military are similarly discharged in these cases if convicted. I am of the opinion that honorable service in the armed forces of the United States, or in the police forces of the various jurisdictions within this country, should not be admissible grounds for attempting to convict a man. Such accusations also seem to me destructive of the defense and ideals of this nation. I have mentioned this issue to columnist Glenn Sacks and he is interested in doing an article on my experience and that of others on this list, particularly other veterans or police officers, who may have faced such accusations. If you are willing to share your experience of being guilty of having served in the Armed Forces or served as a police officer when your intimate partner wants to get revenge, or seeks to hide her actions, we would certainly like to hear from you. Or if you know of men who have been similarly accused, and who would be willing to come forward with their stories, we would also like to hear from them if you would pass this on to them. And the legislation that makes such travesties possible, if not actually encouraging them, is certainly due for review. More on that later. Chuck Corry --

Charles E. Corry, Ph.D., F.G.S.A. (and former USMC corporal) 455 Bear Creek Road Colorado Springs, CO 80906-5820 Telephone: (719) 520-1089 Facsimile: (509) 472-5275 Instant Messenger: drcecorry

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