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How Shall A King Come?

How Shall A King Come? When thinking of this, I
wanted to do some research on how famous kings in the
past have arrived. Actually I could not find much.
Could it be that even these famous kings although they
arrived in much fan fare, it really was not noteworthy
enough to preserve their arrival? 

How Shall A King Come?

There is a song that ask this and says even
a commoner knows the answer to this, and goes on to
say they would be surrounded in fanfare, clean white
line, perhaps even silk. They would be paraded before the
people in a fancy carriage or limo, and have fancy
cloths, the best of doctors, all the fine things of life.

Why we even see this in cartoons such as the Lion
King. Even a lion cub had fan fare and was held in
front of the pride as the young king was presented to
the "people" 

How Shall A King Come?

Flash back

once again...2000 years ago... It was a hot day.. the dust was swirling around the feet of those walking the path into the city.  This day was however very different than the many hot and dusty days the people of the city had been experiencing....Rumors were
abounding... Whispers were exchanged from neighbor to neighbor...the King is coming...the King is coming... anxiously they lined the streets. waving their fans of palm leaves as a way of providing relief form the heat but even more to make the entrance into the city more
comfortable for the one who was coming....from a distance swirls of dust could be seen approaching  Was it the King??? Could it be the King...why there comes a man riding on a simple donkey...surely a king would be in the fanciest carriage of all with a great and gaudy
entourage...but it was the King and not just any ordinary
was the King of all kings who was coming in a way that would be remembered by all for generations to come...

Flash ahead several days... the crowds who lined the street had scattered.. rumors again filled the air...there was to be an execution... crowds again filled the street...but this time there were no palms being waved ...people stared and some whispered, could this be the same man we greeted a few days can he be King?

There was no grand procession...the man they called the King of the Jews was struggling along the streets of the city...the cross he carried seemed to be too much for the beaten and abused man to carry...He stumbled.. out of the crowd stepped another man, a man like
any others but this man was different ..instead of jeering he reached out and bore the weight of that cross up to the hilltop... once there though he had to step back and the King was placed on that cross... His burden and pain increased as the day wore on.. pain filled his body...but a greater pain filled his every being as the sins of us all became the burden he carried. Then darkness filled the air... He cried out ..
It is finished!  It was finished yet just the beginning also for 3 days later he arose form the grave and later ascended into

The story of Christmas is just the beginning.  The birth has occurred.. the death burial and resurrection have occurred...Let not this life have been in vain 

If you have not yet accepted Christ and His saving love in your life please do so now...Contact any of the moderators here... we are here for you and would be blessed to help you follow that man who struggled through the streets of the city for you  May God bless each of you throughout this season and in the coming year

How shall a King come? At this time of year we all know how THIS King came. Instead of a castle and royal white linen, this king was born in a a feed trough. The MASTER of the Universe, the
creator of heaven and earth....born in a cold damp stable. YET...this is EXACTLY how THIS King should come!

When we stop to think....this WAS the place for this KING! GOD ALMIGHTY! PRINCE OF PEACE

Born exactly in the right spot! WHY? THIS little baby was not only a king...THE King....he was the LAMB of God. What better place for a lamb to be born...then a stable.

Genesis 22:8 And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering: so they went both of them together.  A prince
is born to become king....this baby was born a die! When we stop to think about this king. we note the host of heaven singing Glory to God in the Highest. We find shepherds coming to worship the
king...but we do not find that most knew what was happening.

The BIRTH OF THE KING OF KINGS went unnoticed by society in general. They were too busy to notice. YET...far off we find some were looking for this event..and took two years to come worship the King.  My friend, are WE doing the same thing today? We often say the inn keeper should have...could have..but I ask there room in YOUR Your heart..for this King? Do you let HIM have full access? Are there hidden rooms, rooms we do not want Him to see? Rooms where our hidden sins are kept?

Open those rooms to HIM my friend. He knows what is behind those doors anyway. He wants to take out all the garbage but He will only take
out what HE is asked to take out.

How should a King come?

JUST the way this KING did come...the LAMB OF GOD who takes away the sin of the world. How shall a King come? Stop to think...if you got a
letter from the president of the United States to go to speak with him...would you? Would you be too afraid to talk to HIM? Many would be my friend. You see, JESUS came as the least frightening means possible.. a BABY. Approachable by all. No intimidation, no reason to be afraid. If HE came as God almighty we would not have been
able to approach HIM! A baby is approachable. A baby that grew up to experience the same pain, the same heart ache as we do. HE had the problems teenagers face. YET HE was sinless. 

Where can a King go? 

ONLY where HE is invited...won't You invite HIM into YOUR 


The King is waiting my friend...waiting for YOU.

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