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How to have eternal life

Whose Job?

Whose job is it to lead people to the LORD? How often are we either
told or do we hear about the need to bring someone to church so they
can become a Christian?

In fact, I do not want anyone to be a "Christian" because in our
society, this term is very often misunderstood. Most will call
themselves a Christian if they simply believe that a man named Jesus
existed We need to explain what we mean by being a Christian. One of
the best ways to do this is to determine what they think will give
them eternal life. Often we hear "I have been a good person" or "my
parents are Christians" This will not give anyone eternal life.
After we establish this, we need to explain the way salvation is
obtained. I think this is so important, there is a link to it on
every one of over 750 pages on this web site.

but back to the purpose of this message Whose Job????

It is NOT the churches job to do this nor is it the pastors job. As
an ordained pastor myself, it is MY job to teach Christians how to be
more Christ like. It is a pastors job to shepherd the flock..that is
to do as Jesus told feed my sheep. The sheep ARE already
Gods kids. He did not tell Peter to go out to evangelize the
lost...although he (and I) am to do that, but to teach the children
of God...HIS sheep how to show love by loving one another and loving
the lost to Christ and to teach them Jeremiah  29:11 tells us

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD,
thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

This expected end is to be conformed to the image of Christ. Part of
the way this is done is for pastors to feed HIS sheep.

So then....whose job is it to bring the lost to Christ?

It is YOUR job..MY job...It is the job of EVERY born again Christian
to do this. I recently talked to a person that just lead their first
person to the LORD. Oh the JOY they had when they could not wait to
tell me about was like they just found a million dollars.

So now...what if someone came to you today and said I want to be
saved? Would you know what to do? Would you know How to lead them
to the Master? Or would you wait and tell them to come to church
with you next Sunday? Would you tell them to wait and you will call
your pastor or Sunday school teacher?

If you could be TOO LATE for them. When the Spirit is moving
we better be ready to help them. To give an example, to tell them
anything but how to be saved would be like telling a woman that was
in the process of delivering a baby to cross her legs and wait until
the doctor got there. I have read of an incident several times where
someone was lead to the LORD moments before drawing their final
breath. They did not have time to wait until an ordained pastor got
there. Besides, I also know many ordained pastors that would not
have the foggiest idea of what we are talking about.

WHOSE JOB?? OURS.....Are YOU prepared to do it? 

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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