JESUS...Savior AND Lord??? Or Just Saviour??

John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say
unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of

How often do we hear those giving the gospel message to make Jesus
their Lord and Savior. Sounds good doesn't it? But in reality, can
it be done?

I do not think it is a coincidence that our salvation is referred to
as the 2nd birth. We see many things in God's Word that suggest this
such as the above...You must be BORN AGAIN.

Hebrews 5 verses 11-14 tells of some who are immature Christians who
are still drinking milk and not feasting on the meat of the Word.
There must be some reason for this description.

Lets look at some comparisons between a new baby and a new
Christian. Of course we know a new baby needs to be taken care of,
to be feed, clothed, nurtured, educated and protected. We would
never dream that a new baby would be born with a degree in their hand
ready to go to work the next Monday would we?

We would be surprised if the moment that baby was handed to mom or
dad that the baby declared Hi MOTHER...HI FATHER because we know they
have to be taught that. They learn to trust mom and dad over the
months because they see their needs are met. They feel the comfort
mom and dad gives and the protection from all those scary things in
the night. In short...the GROW...they grow into learning these
things...they even grow into recognizing that mom and dad are the
very reason they exist.

WHY then do we expect a new baby in Christ to accept JESUS as LORD
and Savior, ready for full duty on the battle field called life?

Why do we expect these new creatures in Christ to know ALL about Him
and to live perfectly, never making the mistakes WE so often STILL

I contend that we need to encourage the lost to make Jesus
SAVIOR...then WE need to teach them about Christ until they want to
make HIM LORD. Ummm perhaps this is why we try to tell them they
have to do it upon salvation? Perhaps WE are lazy and do not want to
take the time to Teach this? Remember, this IS part of the great
commission given in Matt Matt 28:18-20. Oh it is great to lead folks
to the Lord. No better feeling in the world is there? But oh my
friend, we need to train these precious babes spoon feed
them, protect them...and that is not always fun.

Could wining someone to the Lord be so great because we can then
say....I won this many to the Lord this week? Well if that is the
case...forget it my friend. I too have had the wonderful blessing of
being there to see a new birth...but remember, just as the doctor that
delivers a baby did nothing but deliver it, so it is with those of us
who win someone to the LORD...for I am POSITIVE the real work was done
behind the scenes...perhaps a mother or dad or a grandparent that
spent many a sleepless night on their knees for that person. Or how
about that faithful friend that always lived for Jesus but then we
come along and do a simple deliver and think we did so great. Oh I
am not trying to discourage you. We need to do that...but lets
remember those prayer warriors we so seldom see often have more to do
with a persons salvation then most of us realize.

Many are told to make Jesus their savior and LORD. Nicodemus did
not do this. There is reason to believe he was a silent believe until
after HIS death. Nicodemius was a believer, but he was not a
disciple. You see, it cost us nothing to become a Christian but if
we are doing our job, these believers will GROW to want to become a
disciple. This in turn will cost them everything. This is when

My friend, as wonderful as it was to make Jesus SAVIOR, it it that
much more wonderful to make Jesus LORD.

Now one last thing, we are not talking about cheap
salvation...salvation that we do not have to do good works for but
lets not put the cart before the horse. Let me explain. We had a
woman come to chat and said she would trust Christ but she did not
want to give up something. Several of us told her she did not have
to give this thing up to accept Christ. Why? because we are told to
come to Jesus JUST AS WE ARE. There is no place in the Bible that
tells us to gut or to clean the fish we bring to HIM...Our job is to
catch them. HIS is to clean them. YES we are saved to DO good
works but this comes AFTER salvation...and it comes by teaching new
believers, just as we teach a new baby as it grows. None of my kids
were born with a lawn mower in their hands. (was hard enough to get
them to use one as teenagers)

I firmly believe that once a person accepts Christ, a lot of this
other stuff will take care of itself because God then as a basis to
work...for they are then HIS kids.

Remember...the song is Just as I AM...NOT WAIT till I clean up...



This message is from the ministry of Shattered Men