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Expanded Recap

Jerusalem Daily/Shattered Men begins in the streets of Jerusalem. Using
the approach of the modern journalistic interview, the author gives us a
glimpse into the hearts of those who suffered failure, deep pain,
humiliation and rejection during the last days of Christ. We see the
fear Peter had that he would deny his Lord again after he denied him
three times, and we feel Thomas' disappointment in himself when he
demanded proof that Jesus was real.

From the ancient streets of Jerusalem we move to modern day, where we
find that men are still struggling with a sense of shame and rejection,
but often for different reasons. While today's society is acutely aware
of the problem of abuse against women, few have explored the devastating
effects of abuse against boys and young and adult men. These Shattered
Men need to discover the same source of restoration and healing that
walked the streets of Jerusalem, then died and rose again, 2000 years
ago: Jesus Christ.

Jerusalem Daily/Shattered Men looks honestly at the often ignored male
victims of sexual, parental, spousal and societal abuse. It shatters
many of the myths about abuse against men, explores the effects of
abuse, and details the resulting strongholds that leave many men in the
grip of fear, rejection, hopelessness and despair.

Shattered Men shows that the hope of yesterday is still the hope for
today. Explore with us the many who met Jesus and can now say, "I was
shattered but then . . . . JESUS!"

Catalog Description

A provocative look at the largely-ignored problem of men who are victims
of childhood, spousal, or societal and legal abuse.
Provides empathetic counsel and support, as well as guidance to find
healing in Christ

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