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An erroneous perception of reality.
An erroneous concept or belief.
The condition of being deceived by a false perception or belief.
Something, such as a fantastic plan or desire, that causes an erroneous belief or perception

We have many illusions in our life. Things we are holding on to that really does not matter at all. Yet so so seldom grasp the things that are real...things that matter the most until...until that illusion fades in our hand.

Illusions. It is like throwing a life preserver to someone that is drowning only to watch them grasp for a straw that might have fallen off from it instead of the preserver. Watching helplessly because we do not have enough time to say it will not hold you.

In the last several years, I have seen some that have grasp that straw..they have settled for the illusion instead of the real thing. The are counting on things that do not matter at all.

Yet, I have seen some that were going down for the last time and they grabbed hold of the only thing we can count on...they grabbed a hold of the MASTER..the one that can calm the storm...and the one that can calm the child in the midst of the storm. They have called HIS name and have embraced HIM with a passion that clings.

What makes the difference? Let us look and see.

The ILLUSION of Security.

Many count on their money for security. They have good paying jobs. They have money in the bank or in stocks. They feel they have nothing to lose and no body will take it away from them. My friend, if you are counting on could vanish in a matter of days, even hours or moments. In my town just this week, 990 people went to work only to be told they no longer had a job. The plant was closing down. The job some had counted on for decades vanished before their eyes. That bank account..we have all heard of the Savings and Loans...or how about those stocks. The word Enron mean anything to you? How about 1929? There have been many that were millionaires one day...and only hours later, they were broke.

The Bible tells us not to lay treasure up here where moth and rust takes it away. My friend, what treasure are YOU placing in the MASTERS hand..treasure that may some day result in someone coming to you and saying..thank you for giving to the LORD..for I was a live that was changed!


We know the dangers of our city streets. As a result, some may lock themselves away in their homes and not venture out. We have read of those that would not leave their homes..but their homes is where the danger was. The smoke detector may have had a faulty battery...or how about the carbon monoxide detector...?    Recent research has shown that some even sleep too soundly to hear the alarms so if there were danger, one may never know it.  There IS a place of safety,  it is the the SOLID ROCK...THE ROCK OF AGES!  .

The ILLUSION of Health.  In our society, we see countless of "health freaks"  Those that follow diets, never eating anything that is not healthy.  They get the right amount of sleep, the right amount of exercise and get physical exams regular, only to be told on one of them, "you have a spot on your lung"  Or it could be that they are going about their business only to fall dead right on the spot.  A well know actor recently died in only hours from a torn blood vessel.  The head cardiologist at a large hospital died of...a heart attack.  After helping so many others, she had no idea she had heart problems.  The Illusion of health.  It too can fade when you need it the most.  Instead of worrying about our bodies, how about spending more time checking our Spiritual health?  How about examining our hearts for SIN more often? Is not that far more important? If all is well between our soul and the Master?

The ILLUSION of Friendships and Relationships.  Many think they have it made.  They have all the things they want.  A spouse, children. and  many friends only to find they vanish when you count on them the most.  We have seen times in which someone was falsely accused of a crime and before they could clear their name, many left.  We have seen men and women who have been married for years only to be blind sided by their spouse when they were told ...I want a divorce!   Others are looking for love in all the wrong places.  They are looking for someone to care.  They may see that good looking "chick" or that "hunk" of a man and think this is it.  They fall for the wooing of that person, for the illusions that they may intentionally set up when they are told that they will be with them forever.  I have known of some that say they loved someone and have moved in with them. because of this. At sometime later on, they move on.  Often it is at a very high cost. They have had all the "benefits" of marriage without any commitment. They can walk out at any time and leave you with far more then you want them to leave.  Disease?  Many times these diseases are deadly.  How about leaving behind children that you both have created?  Women, you most likely will have to care for this child for the next 18 years.  Are you ready for that?  Men, if you were with a woman like this...are you prepared to pay for a child you most likely will not be allowed to see?  (and possibly did not really father)  ILLUSION 

My friend, if you are in this position right now, true love WAITS.  If that man or woman loves you, they will not want to take advantage of you.  They will want the commitment that goes with real love. After all, that commitment protects them too. 

How about those that have children to have someone love them back?  I do not remember anything about having an assurance that they will love us back.  Are you prepared to love them even if they tell us..Mom...or Dad.,..I hate you.  My friend...JESUS IS!    Do not count on the illusions of relationships to meet the need only ONE relationship can give us..a right relationship with God.

The ILLUSION of pleasure.

Eat drink and be marry.  Entertainment is one of our leading industries. Drugs are a problem not only in the inner cities, it is a problem in the suburbs and even in the country.  Moves are more violent then ever with special effects being more real then ever before.  The movie that was too violent several years ago for us are too tamed for our teenagers today.  Movies that were too risky for us are now rated PG.  It seems as if there is at least partial nudity in almost all movies and many think all this pleasure will bring happiness. Does it? 

How often have we seen reports of people dying suddenly only to read later they had a positive drug screen and it was the drugs that killed them?  How often do we see of those that count on the pleasure of life to bring happiness only to see they died of an accidentally overdose of drugs?  The ILLUSION of pleasure!  Do NOT count on it my friend.  Moses chose to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.  Moses did not settle for an illusion.  Are YOU?


Religion is long as there is no substance in it. 2 Timothy 3:5  Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:... You see, we do not depend on the illusion of religion. We depend upon a relationship with God.  Many count on their regular attendance in church.  They count on the money they give to the poor.  They count on the illusion of good works. Many count on the "family plan"  They think because their grandfather, their grandmother or their mom or dad were good Christians that they too are.  Well my friend, the name..."Christian" is not given to us when we are is only given to us when we are REBORN.  When we were born, we were only made a child of our mother and father.  We are only made a child of GOD when we trust Christ for our salvation and are born again.  PLEASE do not count on the Illusion of will fade when you need it the most.


There is so much more I could write on illusions, but we want to get to the REALITY part..we want to tell you what you CAN count on!  This song speaks about most of the illusions I have talked about. 

The world will try to satisfy that longing in your soul You may search the wide world over but you'll be just as before.  You will never find true satisfaction until you've found the Lord. For only Jesus can satisfy our soul

Only Jesus can satisfy your soul.  And only He can change your heart and make it whole.  He'll give you peace you never knew, Sweet love and joy and heaven too, for only Jesus can satisfy your soul

If you could have the fame and fortune, all the wealth you could obtain. Yet you have not Christ within, your living here would be in vain, There'll come a time when death shall call you. Riches can not help you then.

Only Jesus can satisfy our soul.  And only He can change your heart and make it whole.  He'll give you peace you never knew, Sweet love and joy and heaven too, for only Jesus can satisfy your soul

What are YOU counting on my friend?  If you were counting on all those Illusions, why not transfer that to

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