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A Hurting GOD

Often we think that GOD is all powerful (and HE most certainly IS)
and as such we think nothing can hurt HIM. Is this true? There are
things that DO hurt God much more then we can ever imagine.

I have been working with many of those that are not Christians. They
often tell me we have been lied to and that Christianity is but a
crutch for a weak mind. We find many "religions" that want to
eliminate Christianity altogether. This was a message I sent to a
woman that is in the occult.

I still wonder why Christians are so much of a threat to you? All we
do is to present options. Sort of like a doctor that will do
surgery, to get "informed" consent.

I always thought choice was good. If you were looking for a car,
would you want to buy the first car you saw?

Why accept the first thing presented when it matters the most?

Jesus NEVER forces Himself on anyone. Can you say the same for satan
or his demons? JESUS stands in the shadows..waiting for someone to
call HIS name and HE is there instantly to accept them and Love them
unconditionally...and He has give this same unconditional love to
those that follow Him. Can you say the same for those within YOU?

Just like a father who tells his kid that they can not have a new
bike...and to hear that child say "you are not my daddy any more..I
hate you" Yet that father still loves his child...still protects,
still provides...THIS my friend is MY DAD....Jesus Christ.....

HE will never stop loving me, and HIS love....COST HIM all HE had.


The ONLY reason your servants want anything to do with
because they know it is the ONLY thing that can hurt GOD!

Keeping YOU or anyone from the only thing that will Hurt
HIM. demons care nothing about you, they just want to hurt GOD.
Please do not let them use YOU to do it!

Parents know full well, some of the worse pain we can have, is to see
our children in pain and not to be able to do anything about it.

Not only does God hurt so much when someone dies without redemption,
but HE hurts when HE sees anyone abused. This pain is even more
intense when that someone is a child.

We are often ask...WHY does God allow it then. If it hurts the one
who is abused and if it hurts GOD...why does He not stop it?

Well, my friend, God gave each of us free will. HE allows each of
us to chose to serve HIM, or to serve evil. We will serve either God
or we will serve satan. There is no middle ground. Well, those that
serve satan will often do what they are told by satan even more
readily then those of us who chose to serve God will do when God asks
us to do something. You see, satan is a very cruel taskmaster. As
such, he can hurt God in several ways. satan can hurt God through
the abuser and the abused...and often through the the families of
both as sin never affects just the one doing it.

The Hidden Cost...of SIN!

Think for a moment, the pain the family of a missing child has.

Think for a moment the pain of the family of a person that commits a
crime when they have to see that person go to prison.

Oh, we know, often there is no one to love that person and that in
and of itself is tragic. EVERYONE needs....LOVE.

The lack of feeling love is often the very reason some turn to
crime. If one feels hopeless, rejected and unloved, they become very
desperate people. Hopeless people can do anything just to get
someone to notice them:


My friend, look around you today. Your being a friend to someone
today, may just well save a life. I remember an e-mail being
forwarded about a boy that was being picked on at school. He was
befriended by one other boy and years later, it was leaned that that
day he was befriend, he had cleaned out his locker to avoid his
family from having to do so when he had planned to take his life that
night..but LOVE won out once he found a friend that cared
when he so desperately needed one.

look around my friend, be the friend someone NEEDS today!

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