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How to have eternal life

Why don't you believe?

Last night, I received a message that has raised some questions. They deserve an answer. The message?

"I hear your promises of stuff healing peace joy happiness
yeah right!
its a lie, its not real  there may be some illusion of hope and peace and stuff but its all bull
its a never ending nightmare
you seem to think each time someone "believes" that its great time to celebrate
celebrate what? haven't you seen that there's never an end 
someone is always upset
someone is always afraid
someone is always hopeless
someone is always hurt 
stop giving false hope"

Oh on the surface, these may seem like good questions...but are they? Well that depends. It depends on who you ask because I have seen some "Christian's" that would make me wonder about some of these questions too...but I know many others that would leave absolutely no doubt as to the answer. 

You see my friend, in spite of the pain I so very often have...the tears that so often flow from my eyes because so many have these questions that are posted above...I KNOW oh how I KNOW without a doubt that JESUS IS THE ANSWER. The presences of my LORD is so real to me as I sit here typing this out, trusting that these will not be my words...but HIS words to reach out to many that have these questions running through their mind.

Many of those we are reaching out to have been shattered. They have broken homes, and often broken bones and wonder where is this GOD you are always telling me about. Oh it is so easy to say Jesus cares or Jesus is the answer but that is a cop out. It is like going to the doctor for a deadly illness and being handed a bunch of pills as he says..."Take these" and pushes you out the door and yells "next" but he never bothers to tell you how to take the pills. 

My friend, we in Shattered Men will not simply tell you Jesus is the answer. We want to tell you how He is but lets go back to those questions in a moment. It is not a coincidence that just after I got this message that I heard this song...

"Go Ask"

Don't ask me to explain to you how one could start again
or hardened hearts could soften like a child

Don't ask me how to reason out the mysteries of life 
or how to face it's problems with a smile

Go ask the man who's found a way to take a rose at home to stay when all communications were destroyed.

Go ask the child who's walking now who once was crippled and then somehow her useless legs were made to jump for joy

Go ask the one who's burned out mind has been restored I think you'll find the questions not as important as before

Don't ask me if He's good or bad I only know the guilt I had is gone 
and I can't tell you any more

and don't ask me how to prove to you why I know God is there or how I know that He would care for you

And don't ask me why someone so great would chose to walk with me and trade my broken life for one that's new

Go ask the child whose got a dad to love away the hurt he had before this man called Jesus touched their lives

Go ask the one whose fears have fled whose churning heart was quieted when someone whispered peace to all her strive

Go ask the man to tell you more whose life was just a raging war in spite of self until the savior came

I don't pretend to be so wise, I only know He touched my eyes and nothing else will ever be the same.

I don't pretend to be so wise, I only know He touched my eyes and nothing else will ever be the same.

and nothing else will ever be the same.

(Bill and Glory Gaither)

My friend, there was a woman in Samarian that went to a well to get water.  There was a man standing by the well  who asked her for water.  He then told her that He could give her living water.  After a short conversation this man told her about her shattered live.  This woman did not need to be asked about what happened.  She  went to the town and told everyone to come see this man who told her about her life.  She told them about this man...JESUS who healed her.  They came to see Him because they could see there was something different in her.  They could see the Joy that had replaced depression,  They could see peace where there was turmoil.  (you can read this in John 4:5-30)

Lets go back to those questions one by one:

"I hear your promises of stuff healing peace joy happiness"

Actually, they are not my promises.  The are GOD's!  You see, when we trust Christ, God tells us we will become new creatures.  Old things pass away and all things become new.    

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Part of the problem is that there are many well meaning Christians that appear to indicate that if we trust Jesus, we will never have another problem.  That  is not true.  In fact, we often face more problems because Jesus said we would suffer for HIS name's sake.  

Jesus said that He did not come to bring peace to the world when HE was here 2,000 years ago.  He did come to bring peace to the most difficult place to find peace...the human heart.  

its a lie, its not real  there may be some illusion of hope and peace and stuff 

The real illusion is that which satan gives that you can sin, that  you can do things your way and be happy.  The illusion is that things can buy peace and hope, but in reality,  Only Jesus can satisfy our soul. 

its a never ending nightmare

It is true that often the things we bear here may seem like it is never ending...but there is another song that tells us it that it will be worth it all when we see Jesus.  Even then, right now in spite of all that goes on around us, we can have a peace within that no one can tell you about. It is something you have to experience to know.  Umm...sort of like telling a person that was born blind what a sunset looks like.  We just can not do it.  They have to see it for themselves. and just imagine looking at someone that is seeing one for the first time.  I have a feeling it is like the feeling I get when someone ask JESUS to save them and they tell me about the peace that overflows them for the first time.

you seem to think each time someone "believes" that its great time to celebrate

Well, we do celebrate the birth of a new born baby don't we?  At least one that has been expected and wanted.  Well my friend...the LORD not only loves you...he WANTS you.  He wants you to have the joy and peace only HE can give...when HE writes YOUR name in His book of Life.

someone is always upset, afraid, hopeless or  hurt 

You are right.  Someone is always  one or all of the above.  The best we can do, is to reach out to each one...ONE at a time.  It is my prayer that just as those in Shattered Men that find healing from abuse will then in turn go out to comfort others as God has comforted them through Shattered Men, that these people will also go out and tell someone else...about this man we call JESUS.

stop giving false hope"

My friend, the false hope is given by satan.  Oh, he often masks it as religion.  He even has well meaning Christians tell people that if they believe Christ died for them, they are saved.  WRONG my friend.  We can know all the facts and still go to hell.  What makes the difference?  It is by asking God to apply the payment Jesus made for our sin  that makes the difference. 

Whenever Jesus passed by, people KNEW it. The blind were made to see, the lame walked and the deaf heard, when Jesus passed by.

When Jesus passes by---will there be a difference in YOU? When YOU pass by, will people see a difference in you because of Jesus in you and therefore a difference in them because you passed by them?

My friend, when Jesus passes by, the question is no longer why I can not believe..but it becomes Why don't you believe? 

When Jesus passes by and RUN to HIM...touch the hem of His garment...or better yet...HUG HIM,  Cling to HIM ...He is waiting .. waiting for YOU!

How to Have Eternal Life.

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