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Often, when we have a past we would rather forget, we are reminded of it often.  At times, this is intentional on the part of those who may chose not to forgive.  Often, these reminders open the wounds again.  Following are a few posts in some of our groups that I feel we need to remember regarding our past.   These message were posted in  a former partnership group which no longer wants anything to do with this ministry.  We will always insist that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE be shown to all and if this is not accepted by those that do not want to do so, well tough.  I have been asked to remove the names of several of the leadership in our former partnership groups so therefore that is why names have been deleted in this message. 

WHAT SHOULD I DO WHEN I AM HURTING? order that satan might not outwit us.
For we are not unaware of his schemes.
--II Corinthians 2:10,11 (NIV)

Most people know what it is like to hurt emotionally.
Emotional wounding comes through various sources, and
satan is the originator of our wounds, and he works
through situations and people to hurt us for two
major reasons.

First, he enjoys destruction. He wants to build a dam
in our lives that consists of emotional wounds.

Second, he wants to control our feelings. The
devil knows that when we have been hurt emotionally,
we usually act emotionally. If he can hurt our
feelings and get us to react accordingly, he will
be able to keep us separated from many of God's

We cannot expect never to get hurt. But we can
expect to learn how to stay in control of our
reaction to our hurts. We can expect to be the
victor, not the victim.

Here are some things God has shown me we should
do to overcome the devil's schemes:

First, turn to the Holy Spirit, don't run to
people. Second, remain stable during hard times.
Third, remember that God is our vindicator; He
will see that we are repaid for our pain and loss.

If you are hurting, I exhort you, don't fall into
satan's trap: be the victor, not the victim.

PRAYER: "Father, whenever I am hurting, I will
run to You. You are the only One Who can
comfort me. In Jesus' name. Amen

Taken from "Life in The Word Devotional" by
Joyce Meyer (C) 1998
Message 15416)

(name Deleted) thank you for posting this today......
whewwww is sure did need to hear it...

you know because of past things in my live I have been preconditioned
to run away form things.......any thing .....every thing...good
things bad things ....all matter what it was
zzzzzzzzzzzap I was running away.....

now I run away a little different from most folks
like sometimes.... I run with my feet....just as hard as I could
putting one foot in front of the other,,,,,

sometimes I runaway in my own mind....something would happen and in a
second .....I was gone....

sometimes I would run away by refusing to eat...I would punish
myself ..geesh I didn't deserve to have food any ways ..I wouldn't
eat I would just get so little I would disappear...

I learned to run away behind the walls I learned to put up between me
and the things that were going was such an effective
defense that other folks could tell me when it was happening...

I ran away through drugs and drinking and cutting my self......all
ways of maybe not making me feel better......but ways that were very
effective in taking me away from my present hurt...

when my daddy asked e to pray with him in the hospital.....a lot of
these defense mechanisms shot to the surface.....all I could think
inside was run.....i thought in my heart I had forgiven my
daddy,...I tried...I even asked God too help me to forgive
Him.....but still.....those old coping mechanisms popped into my
head "he hurt away!"

I had one split second to think and all I could do was say in my
heart....."help me Jesus to do this.." and instead of taking that
first step to run away from the hurt and the pain and the fear ....I
took that first step and ran just as hard as I could straight into
the arms of Jesus.....

I said "Lord I cant do this alone"....but Jesus reminded me "you can
do all things through Christ which strengtheneds you"

so instead of running away from Jesus I ran to him and sat right
there in his arms holding my daddy's hand....and when I said the first
word of prayer for my was then when the healing
surrounding all the hurt and pain between me and my daddy was totally
healed. it was like a major weight had been lifted from both of our
hearts.....and geepers......I wasn't scared I didn't want to run and it
didn't hurt any more...

ill tell you what I learned a very awesome lesson then....a lesson I
pray that will stay with me forever...when I'm hurting or need
forgiveness or need to forgive....I need not to run away.....but run
to to the one who holds true healing in his hands for
you and for me........

God is good!
(name deleted)

This person, Ken and I were talking and we thought
of this song.....Wanted to share it with everyone.
Love & prayers,
(name deleted)

1. Today I went back to the place where I used to go,
Today I saw the same old crowd I knew before;
When they asked me what had happened I tried to tell them,
"Thanks to Calvary, I don't come here any more."

Thanks to Calvary I am not the man I used to be,
Thanks to Calvary things are different than before;
While the tears ran down my face, I tried to tell them,
"Thanks to Calvary I don't come here any more."

2. And then we went back to the house where we used to live,
My little boy (girl) ran and hid behind the door;
I said, "Son, (Honey) never fear, you've got a new Daddy,
"Thanks to Calvary, we don't live here any more."

Thanks to Calvary I am not the man I used to be,
Thanks to Calvary things are different than before;
While the tears ran down my face, I tried to tell (him) (her)
"Thanks to Calvary, we dont live here any more."

W&M by William J. and Gloria Gaither
Message 15434)

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new
creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become

I have recently talked to someone who had their past thrown back in
their face. I reminded them that the best thing to do in a case such
as that, is to say...Yes...that WAS me...but I am NOT the same person
now...thanks to JESUS. This is a perfect song for it does remind us
that we are new in Christ Jesus.

We also are reminded of our past by satan. When we are, remind him of

I do believe there is a purpose of remembering our past from time to
time, but we can not wallow in it. Our past can serve to remind us
where we started from and we can see where we are today. If I were
running a long race, I could look back to the starting point and see
how far I had progressed. If I thought I was running for hours and
had moved only a few feet, I would be discouraged and feel like
giving up. But if I could see the starting point way off in the
distance and the finish line so near ahead, it would give me that 2nd
wind to go on...

My friend, use your past to show you how far the LORD has brought
YOU...and long as You have trusted are NOT
that person of your PAST....


(Message 15435)

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