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It was 1776 when Benjamin Martin and his farming community in South Carolina could once again, hear the drums of war beating in the distance.  Martin had already been through the French and Indian war and he wanted to sit this one out.  He was a widower with 7 children whom he wanted to protect from war.  He had hoped that if he maintained neutrality, the war would pass him by.  It did not work.  When South Carolina decided to go to war with Britain, his eldest son immediately signed up to fight...without his father's permission.  It was not long after that the war came to Martin and his plantation when a British Colonel came to take some American patriots that were seeking shelter there after being wounded in a nearby battle.  One of these was his own son.  When another son tried to stop them, he was shot and killed in front of his family.  Martin could not stay neutral any longer.  Benjamin Martin was driven to lead the
Colonial Militia and he became a Formidable Enemy

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.  The Bible tells us that if we know to do good and we do not do it, it is sin. (James 4:17) Still, so many are like Benjamin Martin trying to sit this one out.  For many of these, just as it did for Martin, this war we are now facing may well come to us.  You may be asking what war and how can it come to us?  Let me explain.

We have a court system that is very anti father we are at war.  Much of this stems from the fact that many radical feminist groups do have a war on fathers.  I have seen many of their sites which declare that the only reason a father wants custody of their children after a divorce is to control his ex wife or to abuse them more.  Odd is it not that that does not apply to women?  Also we can notice that they are always "her children", not "theirs" when it is the other way around.  Seems to me there was only ONE child that was born without a earthly father.  Women do get full custody in the vast majority of contested custody cases.  Often fathers are given the role of "visitor" and can only see the children he had an equal part in creating for a few days a month.  Even then, if his ex does not want to allow it, there is little he can do.  Oh, he can go back to court and get yet another court order to see his children. Many have done just this dozens of times and still are not able to see their children.  The fact is, fathers are at war but it is not of our making.  When there is not justice for all, there is no justice for anyone.  We would not want mothers overlooked any more then we want fathers to be.  Like we said, if there is not justice for everyone, it does not work for anyone.   For the most part, our legal system is far more misandric then misogynic (they are anti male more then anti female)

I have seen far too many men give up after one court battle after another.  The suicide rate for men after a divorce is epidemic but society ignores this and of course the feminist tell us how weak men are to resort to this.  The fact is that this most often is a result of a father losing everything he has worked for all his life. Just  like the Divorce Ken and Barbie, he will lose his house, his car and most of all his children.  It is the loss of his children that is unbearable in most of these situations.  Add to this fact that often when a divorce occurs, we most often assume it is his fault and he is given little if any social support.  Many times there have been unfounded charges of abuse so the courts will "punish" him by large support awards making it impossible for him to live a normal life after divorce.  

Many of these men just give up.  Many have told me they are just one person.  What  can one person do?

Well that is a good question. What can one person do?  

Infantile paralysis was once the biggest health threat in our society.  Franklin Roosevelt stated "People can solve any problem if they work together"  He then started the March of Dimes  One dime would not have made a difference, but when added to many other did!  Polio was defeated...ONE DIME AT A TIME! 

"People can solve any problem if they work together"  This is the very reason Shattered Men exists.  It is the reason we have men AND women in it...working together to solve the problems we each face.  Instead of blaming each other, we in Shattered Men have learned to listen to each other, to care about each other and to help each other.  Most of all, Shattered Men is not trying to destroy marriages as many "abuse shelters are doing, we are working at making marriages stronger!   If it works for us, would it not work for others?  

When you have lost every battle and there seems to be no not despair my friend.  I urge you to do what Benjamin Martin did in "The Patriot"  I urge you to become....a Formidable Enemy!

How do you do this?  My friend, there are more and more people protesting the unjust treatment giving in family courts.  More and more are writing letters to balance things out.  We can become a formidable enemies by contesting biased laws...laws such as the Violence Against Women Act which is up for reauthorization this summer. We can write and show the real facts of domestic violence which shows that men are abused far more then the 5% we hear about.  We can prove with the government's own resources that it is at least 38% and with other unbiased research we can show it is about equal. We can show why the truth is not known by showing how some of these "facts" are gathered"  

Join some of the other groups that are working toward justice for all.  I can not think of any men's groups that want to give men full custody.  Everyone I know of is asking for equal custody, yet the feminist  sites have declared war on these dads.  One of these sites has linked to our photo essay comparing a typical women's shelter with what an abused man would find.  She said we were  "begrudging women who escape abusive partners their chance at a bed to sleep in and a warm meal.  My reply is on our page since I could not reply on her site. 

What can you do to become a Formidable enemy?  Well apart from the above, here are several things you can do.

1:  Become AWARE of the problem.  Do not bury your head in the sand!

2:  Join groups that are seeking true equality.  Some are:

    A:  Shattered Men

    BBattered Husband Support

    C:  Abused Guys

   D; Mens Issues Online

When you see injustice done to anyone, man or woman in your area, write a letter to the editor contesting it.  When you find a web site that gives the "politically correct" facts that are far from fact, look for a "contact us" icon and write to them with the real facts.  There are more and more places to get these real facts.  Some are:

1:  Shattered Men Web Site:

2:  MenWeb 

3:  The Desert Light Journal

4:  Domestic Violence Against Men In Colorado



7:  Men's Activism News Network

8:  Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting

The links above will help show you how you can become active in seeking justice for all.  

I would like to stop for a moment and remember there is another enemy far worse then what we have discussed here today.  There is an enemy that is out  to destroy every man woman boy and girl.  He has these feminist thinking they have won the battle but he has not given them the bill for his services yet. I assure you, the bill is always higher then we can afford to pay.  This enemy is working hard to get you to believe that either there is no God or that HE sure does not care about you at the very least.  I can not count the number of times I have heard people say if there is a GOD....why does He allow this  abuse to go on.  These are very good questions and I have tried top answer them many times.  Why don't you believe?     Humpty Dumpty   and REJECTION are just a few of these.  It was once said, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  The enemy of our enemy is none other then Jesus Christ and HE is a friend that is closer then a brother.  We can become a formidable enemy to satan by asking to be adopted into God's family.  It only takes a moment.  Click HERE to find out how.

Once you do this, you will also find a peace beyond understanding.  To describe this peace would be like telling one that has been blind all their life what a sunset looks like.  We can not do it justice, but I am sure, once they say a sunset, they would not want to miss any others.  

The war came to  Benjamin Martin.  It came to him at a very high cost.  My friend, do not wait for it to come to you at such a high cost.  What cost?  This battle could directly effect your son, your brother, uncle, even your husband if he is accused of a crime he did not do.  

Is it not time to value ALL our people?  Is it not time to demand:



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