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During WWII "almost perfect" forgeries of Bank of England Pound
notes were produced by prisoners in a German concentration camp. The
project was code named "Operation Bernhard". The German intent was to
ruin the British economy by flooding them with hundreds of millions
of counterfeit pounds.

Often masterpieces of art are counterfeited as are rare stamps,
bearer bonds and anything else of value. We see counterfeit $10, $20
and $100 bills but seldom were there counterfeits in larger
denominations. I doubt if anyone has seen counterfeit pennies

WHY are there counterfeits?

There are two primary reasons. We see from the first paragraph, one
reason is to destroy something that is real. By flooding the market
with worthless but genuine looking pound notes, few would accept any
of them as payment for goods or services thus the economy would be
greatly affected.

The second reason is to gain profit with little effort. No one in
their right mind would counterfeit something like a penny. It would
cost more to do so then one would gain. This brings us to the next

WHAT is counterfeited?

The short answer to this question is that anything of value that can
be copied at little cost or effort. One would hardly ruin the
economy of any nation if counterfeit pennies were made even by the
millions. Nor would one expect to reap windfall profits if it cost
more to make a counterfeit item then one would get from it.

How to spot a counterfeit.

In almost every situation, those that need to readily spot a
counterfeit are given the real thing to examine closely. They are
told to get to know the TRUE item to be able to spot the fake. If
the counterfeit is extremely close to the true one, often it could be
off in only a few minor details..but it is still a counterfeit and it
is still.....worthless. Often one will need the TRUE item side by
side with the fake to be able to tell the difference.

Non- tangible things can be counterfeited also. In fact, the most
valuable things in all the world through all history is often
counterfeited. Let us look at a few of these.

RELATIONSHIPS are often counterfeited.

Recently Ken Jenkings won the largest amount of money ever on
Jeopardy. He is now featured in a cell phone commercial in which he
talks about "relatives coming out of the woodwork" Several
recognize him and tell him they are his distant 4th cousin on his 5th
uncles side. Needless to say the commercial is tongue in cheek but
it shows that it could happen.

My friend, satan has counterfeited a relationship with GOD with
religion. Gaining knowledge about someone is a far cry from KNOWING
them and having a real relationship. A relationship with GOD can
only be obtained as we are adopted into HIS family after trusting in
JESUS CHRIST for full payment for ALL our sin.

PEACE. We have often talked about the peace that passes all
understanding. This peace can be counterfeited...for a short time.
You see, often satan can cause a lot of problems in our life but when
we accept his lies...when we accept his false teachings on what will
bring peace, he could stop the barrage of problems in our life that
he has been causing in the first place. If JOB had accepted his plan
and denied the Living GOD, satan would only have needed to stop the
persecution he was causing Job and he would have thought he had
obtained peace with GOD. My friend...peace is NOT the absence of
conflict....real peace is the presence of GOD in the midst of that
conflict. This will only come as a result of KNOWING the SHEPHERD on
a very intimate bases so we will know HIS voice.

SECURITY can be counterfeited. By this I mean that many are given a
false sense of security that they will have eternal life. Often well
meaning Christians can be used to give this false sense of security.
How can this happen? I have seen some Christians ask "Do you know
that Christ died for your sins?" If the person says yes they do
know that, they are then are now a Christian. Folks..this
is hog wash. We are not given eternal life because we know the
facts. John 5:39-40 shows the folly of this:

39 search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life:
and they are they which testify of me.
40 And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life

the MESSAGE can be counterfeited.

Almost every false religion has been started when an "angel" gave its
founder a special message from "GOD" Several of us here in
Shattered Men believe we may have been visited by an angel recently.
You can read about it in Entertaining Angels

You may well be asking (and rightly so) what makes the difference
between them and us? First, we are NOT going to be starting a
new "religion" based upon what was said. You see, often satan or one
of his demons can come disquested as an angel to give us a
counterfeit message to declare to the nations. This is the way many
cults have been started.

2 Corinthians 11:

13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming
themselves into the apostles of Christ.
14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of
15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be
transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be
according to their works.

How do we know the difference?

1: A false angel will readily make it appear that he is an angel.
The angels that GOD sends will rarely brag about being an angel. The
want all of the glory to go to GOD.

2: The message WILL conform to the Word of GOD. God will never send
a message that will contradict HIS written Word...the BIBLE!

3: A message from an angel would be to give warn of impending danger
but will most often come with hope that that danger can be avoided by
true repentance and turning to GOD. IF one gets this type of is very important to listen IMMEDIATELY. The proper
action for this type of message would be to stop what you are doing,
and cry out to a HOLY GOD and admit that we are unclean....and that
we truly are sorry for our sin and ask HIS forgivness. This can also
happen to a Child of God if he or she has been living in willful
sin. The message of a real angel will always be to reconcile people
with GOD.

IF we believe we have been given a message by an is OUR
responsibility to compare the message with the Bible. Our visitor
last Sunday night was accurate in everything that he said. It was a
confirmation of the message we have been teaching in Shattered Men
since it was founded . IT is the message that first of all, GOD
really loves...YOU and that without LOVE...nothing we do will matter.


4: An angel will only point to GOD. They will never accept any
credit or worship in any way. They will never say "look at me" but
will always tell us to WATCH THE LAMB! An angel will always praise
the LIVING GOD. A false angel will never do least not
YET..but they will...they will someday as EVERY KNEE SHALL bow and
EVERY tongue WILL confess that JESUS IS LORD!

My you know JESUS? Someday your knees will bow before
HIM too. Each of us are given a chose right now. We can chose whom
we will serve. The question is...are we going to accept the
CONTERFEIT...or are we going to count on the REAL THING..JESUS CHRIST?

How to have eternal life

JESUS....HE is only....a whisper away!

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