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Most of us have felt like we were between a rock and a hard place or in other words, in an impossible situation.  We often see this in our own groups.  Oh we each have our own rocks and our own hard places.  For one it is find out our grandfather has 6 months to live...the only man who we feel really loved us.  For another, it is personal health problems....perhaps a body ravaged with cancer or constant unrelenting pain.  Yet another it is a loss of a loved one by their own choice in a divorce.  This one is often compounded by loss of contact with our children through no fault of our own, perhaps due to willful false accusations by our so to be ex spouse. 

For each person, there is a different rock, a different hard place. None of this is new.  Very often as we see with so many men and women in the Bible,  it is no fault of our own.  As was brought out in The Storms of Lifewe can see that we ARE right were God wants us to be.  We are between a rock and a hard place because God wants us there.  These places can often seem like we are laying on concrete and the Rock of Gibraltar is on top of us.

Countless men and women throughout the ages thought they were between a rock and a hard place.  Joseph must have thought so when he was sold into slavery by his own family.  That rock got even heavier when he was accused of and jailed for a Rape he did not do.

Think how heavy this rock was when Abraham placed his only son on the altar .  This rock was unbearable for the nation of Israel as it was fleeing Egypt...the Red Sea before it, the Egyptian army behind it.  Imagine the size of the rock when they saw the Jordan and later...Jericho. 

YET...these people looked forward to the Cross just as we look backward to it.  Their salvation as based on the same thing ours is...the CROSS.  So as a result, we can say Calvary came through for them once again too.

When we think we are defeated, the CROSS is what we needed.  My friend CALVARY will  come through once again   I don't know how but I know it WILL!

In the times above, we see that Joseph was used to save a nation.  Abraham was used to start a nation.  The Red Sea parted as did the Jordan and the walls of Jericho came tumbling down.

Yet there are times we can be in this spot because of things we do.  Jonah was between a rock and a hard place of his own choosing.  Yet we can see a lesson here, too.  Jonah  knew it was his choice that got him there.  but he knew what to do about it too.  The weight of this rock...of being in the belly of the great fish was lifted not when he prayed nor when he repented ..for we know he was praying for 3 days and nights...but when he PRAISED.

My friend, JESUS specializes in snatching VICTORY from the claws of defeat.  We can see that in  the times above, when  we see that Joseph was used to save a nation and the Red Sea parted as did the Jordon and the walls of Jericho came tumbling down.  We see it when instead of the  sacrifice of a young boy God provided the lamb, and  Abraham was used to start a nation. (by the way, God absolutely forbad human sacrifice at this one...JESUS CHRIST.)  We see it in the belly of a fish for  repentant heart.

Most of all, we see it when 2,000 years ago, JESUS snatched VICTORY from the claws of defeat when the sun refused to shine and the earth was shaken to its core.  JESUS was between a rock and a hard place.  He was between HELL itself and all the weight of the sin of the world.  Yet the grave could not hold HIM.  When morning came three days later, the SON was shinning and this SON will shine forevermore.

Between a rock and  a hard place!  My friend, are YOU there right now?   Let JESUS snatch VICTORY from the claws of defeat for you my friend.  If you do not know HIM and are not sure you have eternal life, the first thing HE wants to do is to take the weight of sin off from you. None of us are strong enough to bear this load.  Read How to have eternal life to find out how.

Do you know you have eternal life but need a booster shot?  A fresh anointing with new oil?  This is for you my friend.  A FRESH ANOINTING    Concerned about the past mistakes you have made?  Check Ghosts of our Past!   Just plain hurting ?    Try  EFFECTIVE PRAYER FOR HURTING PEOPLE

Just need to remember what God did for us?  IT IS FINISHED  

My friend, whatever the need, we can see Jesus is the answer.  YES...we may be caught between a rock and a hard place...BUT then...JESUS..........


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