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SIN is running rampant. Often it is excused. "The Problem and the CURE" was posted on other forums in an effort to help us realize how bad sin is. One person responded that it is better today then it has been, that sin is not has bad.

I have also heard things like the title...But God if only.... In fact, I have used it myself.

SIN! I would not have done it IF ONLY. If only, two simple words that we use to excuse disobeying GOD! If only I had a LIST of what I should do or should not do.

IF ONLY satan did not make me do it.. IF ONLY it was not so hard, I am only human you know. Let us take a look at IF ONLY!

Throughout the course of human history, God has used every type of "economy" to take away
each of the excuses that we humans would tend to use to excuse our sin.

Adam and Eve were created innocent They had not been tried yet. THEY had a list of what they could and could not do. The list was not even that long. It was only one.. Thou shalt not... yet they did. (ahh don't blame them...WE would have done it too!) We see children, they are so innocent, yet they sin too. This shows that this excuse will not work.

God used the LAW. It was a long list of do's and don'ts. Much longer then the 10 commandments that we think of as the law. They did not work then, and they do not work today. We have only to look at the daily paper any morning to see the law does not work. So a list of Dos and don'ts will not work.

We have GRACE. Although Grace will pardon from
SIN, it does not prevent it. On the contrary, there are some that even do it more and then
count on GRACE. (Romans 6:1,2)

There are seven of these "economies total but we will talk about only one more.

THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT. Oh yes, when WE sin blame it on the devil (which in effect really does what Adam did, blame it on GOD) Does satan MAKE you sin? Very soon we will be moving from GRACE to a new economy.

satan will be CHAINED for 1000 years and will not be able to "cause anyone to sin. Yet humans will still sin. Actually this period of time will take away two excuses. satan made me do it and one that I have used myself ... If Only I could SEE Jesus then I could know what He wants me to do. JESUS will be ruling VISIBLY from a throne in Jerusalem and yet humans will still sin.

EVERY excuse humans will have will have been taken away.

What is YOUR excuse my friend? Are you a Christian that still willfully sins? Picture yourself with a hammer and a nail and bending over someone on a large piece of are about to hammer that nail through this man's wrist....Yes JESUS....He DIED to pay for that sin...

Think about that before the next willful sin. Read Romans 6 and it should help us avoid the sin
we often do so that Grace may abound.

One last thing... BUT GOD IF ONLY... in reality, when we see HIM face to face, we will not have one excuse in the world that will work other then JESUS PAID IT ALL, ALL TO HIM I OWE Sin had left a crimson stain, HE washed it white as snow.

My friend, have YOU asked that the payment Jesus made for your sin to be applied to Your account? If not do it it NOW.

For Him

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