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"Unlimited" Access"

"Unlimited" Access".  What does this mean to you?  It would appear that it means something different then it means to me.  You see,  I spent literally all day trying to get on the internet yesterday.  I had some very important meetings and conferences to attend as well as tending to the ministry of Shattered Men.  Nothing I did got me on the internet.  Every time I tried, I got "password or sign in name is wrong. Check your password and try again"  I did...over and over again.  I tried calling Skyenet, the ISP provider.  Most of the day, it would not allow calls to go through and gave information on the automated  message to go to to report problems. Neat trick when you can not get on line.

Finally, I did get through. I was told the wait to talk to someone was about 20 minutes.  An hour later, waiting on "hold" I did get someone.  After checking, I found out what the problem was.  I went over "my 200 hours for the month!" ......but the good news...for another $ per month, I could get an additional  200 minutes   It did not matter that I informed him my contract stated "UNLIMITED" Access and that I had important conferences to minister to others.  It did not even dawn upon Skyenet to inform anyone of these changes, nor did it matter that I spent most of the day trying to get on to the net and trying to call to find out why I could not do so. Since I had to go out for a couple hours, my wife tried to cancel the service with Skyenet but was unable to.  They told her to ask me to call them to "add her" to the account so she could cancel our service.  That sure would make a lot of sense.  Why would I not do it when I called instead of taking that extra step?  Guess common sense is not common there.

It is also interesting that when I called to cancel our account, their "ad"s while I was once again placed on hold stated to be careful of other internet providers because they do not over "unlimited access"  It seems that it is they that do not offer this although they say they do.

As a result, we have changed ISP's and are now with Earthlink.  This means I now have to go through the Shattered Men web site and change all of the e-mail addresses to the new page at a time.  I will have to do this for over 700 pages.    If you had the e-mail address of Shatterdmen @,  please change it to   This is now the official e-mail address for the ministry.

I also want to alert you that if you have service by Skyenet (also myvine)  that your unlimited access may well be unlimited until you use 200 hours a month.  At that time, you will not be able to get on the internet.

My friends, there are Spiritual applications to this too.  Much as this ISP is telling us one thing, and changing the "contract" without telling us, satan does this too.  satan will change the contract we make with him without telling us.  How does he do this?  He does it by not telling us the "Hidden Cost" of doing business with him.

I do have good news for all of this. Although this ISP provider may have changed contracts with us without even telling us so we would not have wasted all this time and missed some important conferences, there is one that never changes.

Hebrews 13:8  Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

When Jesus tells us we have unlimited access...HE means it.  We can call upon Him anytime day or night and we never get a busy single nor will we be put on hold.

Even better. When God promised us eternal life...HE means it too.  We do not have it for 200 hours..we have it for all eternity as long as we have placed our trust in Jesus Christ for full payment for our sin.   You see, God will not change our contract in mid stream. 

Eternal Life!  Eternal Or Temporary?


How to have eternal life

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