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9/11 A Year Later

I believe we all remember where we were and what we were doing that
fateful morning a year ago today.

I was in Tenn. with my wife Lisa at Elise's house preparing for a
radio program. (on a side note, although I think this is one reason
why recent events were so painful on both sides, we are having the
balm of Gilead applied and are repairing the wounds on all sides so
please keep supporting our former partnership groups)

I remember also that our partnership groups were among the first in
our Yahoo groups to post urgent prayer alerts urging prayer for those
in the building. Perhaps our prayers were what held the buildings up
for as long as they did.

Shattered Men has a page dedicated to this tragic event and we will
be updating it later today.

Many turned to God during the trying times following Sept 11, but
many of those have once again strayed from the Master when the dust
cleared and things settled down.

The Red Cross and Salvation Army went into action, but what I want to
tell about are some other groups that went into action too but we
seldom hear about them, as they are Christ centered ministries.

I am sure Operation Harvest was there but since I know more about
this other one, let me tell about the disaster team of the Southern
Baptist. This team responds to many diasters. They were there
rebuilding homes when a tornado destroyed a west Texas
town..Rebuilding homes for many other then "Baptists" They often are
on location before the Red Cross and they do not charge for their
services as I have heard the Red Cross does.

This team served over a million meals in NYC and Washington D.C.

They cleaned hundreds of apartments that were covered with dust from
ground zero. Most spent the only vacation time they had from their
jobs to go and serve others.

Oh but the results they got in return was priceless as many received
the LORD as their savior when they saw real love in action.

As I said, I know there were other groups there too. If anyone knows
about the others, please post them.

These people did not do this for attention or fame. They did it
because the need was there...they did it because we are told that if
we give a cup of water in the name of the LORD..we do it unto HIM!

Please remember this when we see someone in need.

9/11 a year later. The nation still lives in fear for the most
part. Many wonder when and where it will happen next. Much of the
population is willing to give up individual freedoms for safety.

Yet we know of one that will be coming soon that will promise peace
and security but then we are told they will come to sudden

The attacks of 9/11 were intended by the principalities we are really
at war with to usher in a one world government and we are closer then
ever to that with more looking for the security that would bring (or
so they think)

My friend, there is only ONE way to have peace...only one way to have
security and that is to know the Prince of Peace and our Hiding place.

Peace on Earth?

Please take time to read Psalm 91 today. Rest assured that no matter
what, we do not need to fear the terror by night..or at any other

If you do not KNOW the LORD, please read:

How to have eternal life

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